Digital Forest - Psychedelic Trance Music Festival 2020 · 10 Sep 2020 · Rožmitál pod Třemšínem (Czech Republic)


Digital Forest - Psychedelic Trance Music Festival 2020

Over: 1y 8m
Line Up
🌞Protonica live (Iboga Recrods, Germany)
🌞Dark Soho live (Israel)
🌞A tech live (Dacru Records, Portugal)
🌞Phobos (Looney Moon Records, Italy)
🌞Oonah (Dacru Records, Belgium)
🌞Antonymous live (Sonic Loom, Greece)
🌞Gappeq live(Parvati Records, Czech)
🌞Anestetic (Nano Records, Portugal)
🌞Magik live(Nano Records, England)
🌞Digicult live (Dacru Records, Belgium)
🌞Bootysattva live (Looney Moon Records, Belgium)
🌞Woos (Protoned Music, Denmark)
🌞Oxyflux (Protoned Music, Denmark)
🌞Mutant Star live(Mystical Waves Records,Czech)
🌞Giuseppe (Parvati Records, Italy)
🌞Mandala live (Nano Records, England)
🌞Kikx (Purple Hexagon Records, Italy)
🌞Transient Disorder live (Dacru Records, Portugal)
🌞Earthworm live (Looney Moon Records, France)
🌞Gnohm live (Banyan Records, Denmark)
🌞Relativ (Digitam Om Records, Serbia)
🌞Djantrix (Digital Om Records, Macedonia)
🌞Flowwolf (Sunna Records, Austria)
🌞Artyficial (Flow Records, Austria)
🌞Back To Mars (Occulta Records, Omveda Records, Brasil)
🌞Robas (Slovakia)
🌞Psyonicle (Zahadum Sphere, Slovakia)
🌞Psylev (Transylvaliens, Romania)
🌞Dj Ondrej Psyla (Purple Hexagon Records, CZ)
🌞Miazu & Polly (Sangoma Records, Finland)
🌞Psychoteek (Shivadeco, Fenix Festival, CZ)
🌞Mixxo (PsyTronic Squad, Asia)
🌞Futurum Sonat live (Monkey Business, A)
🌞Joe delic (Xineohp, DE)
🌞Bengani (Austria)
🌞Mixcoatl (Psytrance radio, CZ)
🌞 Newteck (Luk-Si Records, CZ)
🌞 TOD (CZ)
🌞 Mini S (CZ)
🌞 Ypsylon (Zahadum Sphere, Slovakia)

🌞Zymosis (Ukraine)
🌞Red Sun Rising (Altar Records, Poland)
🌞Shivanam live
🌞Takkra live (Hungary)
🌞Økapi live (Aldebaran Records, Italy)
🌞Lauge & Baba Gnohm live! (L & B Productions, Denmark)
🌞Psychoteek (Shivadeco, Fenix Festival, CZ)
🌞Zooropix in chill out set (Otrozona, CZ)
🌞Michal Elemental (Ufo Bufo, CZ)
🌞Psycroft (Luk-Si Records, CZ)
🌞Newteck (Luk-Si Records, CZ)
🌞Tara Putra (Poland) LIVE
🌞Omnion LIVE
🌞Yedhaki:Nautika LIVE
🌞Mia Muerte (Hungary)
🌞Benho (Hungary)
🌞Kay-D (Hungary)
🌞Timo Lissy (Austria) LIVE
✪ INFO ✪
The area of the festival is situated in the middle of the forest approximately 3 km from the village Věšín, not far from Rožmitál pod Třemšínem (Příbram district). Participants of the festival can stay in huts or their own tents. Refreshments will be available at two bars, tea room and at the Space Bar. Showers, sanitary facilities and drinking water are for free. Parking places are also at your disposition. There is a volleyball pitch and a swimming pool in the area. The nature is inviting you to have a walk or go cycling.

By car
From Příbram go along the road 19 Plzeň direction to Rožmitál pod Třemšínem. Turn right at the roundabout, at the beginning of Rožmitál, and go straight along the road 19 Plzeň and Věšín direction. Go through Věšín along the main road Spálené Poříčí/Plzeň direction. After approx. 1,5 km you will see „The Digital Forest“ sign. Turn left to the forest and go along the vicinal road 500 m until the recreational area Věšín. You are there.
From Plzeň drive along the road E49/20 České Budějovice direction. After the village Bambousek turn left to the road 19 Příbram direction. Go along this road until the village Míšov, continue through the forest approx. 4,5 km, then you will see „The Digital Forest“ sign. Turn right to the vicinal road, which leads to the recreational area Věšín, and after 500 m you are there.

You can book only the whole hut for 4 people from Thursday to Sunday. The price for 3 nights is 3000 Kc for a hut.
Only a couple of huts are left.
Reservation and payment via:
Digital Forest Festival

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Digital Forest Festival
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