Dance For Peace Japan 2007

YoLe YoLe-Acoustic Jam Unit (Shonan), Koh Tao-World Music (Tokyo), Yamakita Kenichi-Solo Percussionist (Tokyo), Chinabon-Psychedelic Bossa Band (Tokyo), Rise Factory Jam Band (Aichi), Morning Set-Tribal Jam Duo (Nagoya), Payaka Gakudan-Progressive Jam Band (Hamamatsu), Suzuki Kiyoshi-Karimba Solo (Shonan), Makino Jun-Crystal Bowls & Vocalist (Izu), Lamana-Acoustic Ambient (Tokyo) Nataefu (Belly Dance) Hamamatsu, Cazoku (Spiritual Dance & Music) Tokyo.

Please note: Artistes are not listed in the order of performance and subject to changes.
Chiaki (Bali), Eiko (Japan), Jun (Japan), Masaya (Japan), KG (Japan), Bridge (Japan), Gerry (Bali), Ma Chang (Japan), Patrizio (Italy), Teppan (Japan), Toni Vazquez (Ibiza Spain).

Please note: Artistes are not listed in the order of performance and subject to changes.
Chiaki (Bali), Eiko (Japan), and more to be featured.

Please note: Artistes are not listed in the order of performance and subject to changes.
VJ-Wanbo (Shizuoka), Naru (Aichi)
Decorations By Michi & Payaka Crew
We welcome you to DanceForPeace Japan 2007. This event started in Bali in November 2002. Today we are a growing family of friends and activist working to bring peace closer to people.

Terrorism, war, genocide still affects us the world over. Our hopes for a peaceful world remain a dream.We invite you to join us and sow the seeds of peace love and in this communion of music and dance. We need peace. Peace between ourselves, with Mother Nature and the Universe. Because we are all are connected. Because we all share the same dream…the peaceful co-existence of humanity and all life.

Alone, you and I are not going to stop war. But all of us together can help bring peace a little closer to the world.

A beautiful party happens when all our positive energies converge and are woven into a fabric of peace and love. Bring your good vibes; there are no strangers here. Dance for love, dance for peace!

There will be a Peace Workshop on the first day of the event and we invite everyone to please participate. We will have a speaker, Kaori Takase, co-director of NPO Peace On who will speak to us about raising the awareness of peace and that will be followed by a quick Q & A session after. This would be a duration of no more than an hour.

Food and Drinks will be sold throughout the event. We ask that you support our vendors and refrain from bringing any outside food and beverages into the event. We encourage you to bring your own cups and plates to minimize the trash we produce. Full camping facilities available on site. The weather might still be chilly in the night as we are on high elevation. Do bring some warm clothings.
Tatsuyama Camp Site Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture Japan
Entry fee
Advance Tickets @ Yen 3,500
Door Tickets @ Yen 4,000
Dance For Peace Japan
053-451-6906- c/o Payaka (Hamamastu Japan)
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