BIONYSIE 18 May '18, 19:00
Party flyer: BIONYSIE 18 May '18, 19:00
Line Up
Live Acts ACROPOLIS main stage :

DRIP DROP ([], Harmonia Rec., soundcloud Greece)
RIDDEN ([] Rec., [click here], Greece)
GappeQ ([click here], [] records, CZ)
Balkan Family / balkan groovy jazz ([], [click here], CZ/Bosna) + Štěpán Markovič / saxofon ([], [], [])
GEM Reflection / psy-downtempo ([], soundcloud CZ)

Djs :
XP Voodoo (Aerodance Corporation, Russia, [] infoBox, [] 90's)
CJ Art ([] Deepersense, PL)
Petrix (Trancecarpathiarts, Ukrajina, soundcloud [])
EJCZKA (Urban Antidote Rec./Ufo Bufo [])
PLECH (Polyhedra, [click here])
MIM ([] link1, [])
Mr. Gorby (WizArts, [click here], [])
Jenda Legenda (WizArts, [click here], [])
Psyla ( mixcloud, Nezmar records)
Martyzan (USE Havířov ,
Lolla (Independent Theory, [click here])
Newtec (Luk-Si Records, soundcloud [])
000333 (Alien Delon, [click here])
Touchwood (Volnej Průběh, [click here])
Jiřík (Shivadeco, [click here])
Heehy & Reborn (Synaptic Dreams/FéniX festival, [click here], [click here])
Kerray ([]), Darjeel (Ufo Bufo, [click here]), Cejn (Zero Point, [click here]), Scannt (DMT Rec., [click here], []), Beyond Infinity (Otrozona, [click here]), Cuky (Synaptic Dreams, []), Elien (Independent Theory, [], [click here]), Sagus ([])
Sunday afterparty stage: Brekeke LIVE (Luk-Si Rec., [click here]), ahZ + Annita (Good Vibes crew, [click here], [click here], []), Salihlávka (Synaptic Dreams), THX1138 + lesní směs

SLOW Dance / Experimental stage (Pireus port club stage) :
Live Acts :

Two Pixels Above / DnB (The Little Universe, soundcloud CZ)
Yamabushi / alternative industrial rock ([], [] CZ)
Urban Legends & Dj Slater (feat. Filip Markes on sax) ([] )
Sonority (Distinctive Records, [], soundcloud )
CJ Art ([] Deepersense, soundcloud PL)
Anatol Svahilec aka Sokrates / SLAM POETRY ([], [], [click here])
Alfred Czital ([], [] )
GNOSTA / political rap ( soundcloud youtube )
Scannt (DMT Records)

Abyss (Deepersense PL, soundcloud )
Jan Jansn (Bassballett DE, [click here], [] )
Elemental (Ufo Bufo, []), Darjeel (Ufo Bufo, [click here]), Ixtremist (Ufo Bufo, [click here]), Eklektik Fluidum (Ufo Bufo, [click here])
Jiřík (Shivadeco Brno), Cejn (Ufo Bufo), Simon DSK (ex-Cymoon/Sonic Distortion, [click here]), Dru (Lunchmeat, [click here]), Hellman (Otrozona, [click here]), Ink Flo (Futurespective, [click here]), Innerscope (Futurespective, [click here])
Josef Sedlon (Radio 1, [click here]), Stanzim (Volnej Prubeh, [click here]), Nika77 (, [click here]),
Kashmir (Mimo-TV, [click here]), Mike.H (Lunchmeat, Seed, soundcloud []), Plech (Polyhedra), True Detectives (Centrála, []), Yan (Harmony Rec., [click here])

CHILL out / Ambient stage (Poseidon underwater stage) :
Live Acts :

7om45 (Krmelec Recordings, [click here])
Dash (REM Phase, Duna / hybrid set, soundcloud [])
Stanislav Abraham ([click here])

Djs :
AlexT (FR, [click here])
Cummis (Zahadum Sphere, SK, [click here])
Kubis (Indian Express, [click here])
Snoring Dragon (SK, soundcloud [])
NewTeck (Luk-Si Records), Jenda Legenda (WizArts), Synaptik ([click here]), Ink_Flo (Futurespective), Jonah Moses (WizArts, [click here]), Kashmir (Mimo-TV), Kerray, MiM (Iridium.xn, [click here]), Mr. Gorby (WizArts), 000333 (Mimo-TV), Petrix (Trancecarpathiarts), Ondrej Psyla (Digital Forest), Scannt (DMT Records), THX1138,
Acido Domingo & Halluciano Pavarotti
Large scale Acropolis Model videompping and 4 full colour laser treatment (Xlab)
SAYP ([], OZORA team, SK)
SunॐKey ([], Belorussia)
UFO BUFO Crew ([], [])
WizArts ([])
SpaceLights instalace by Eva Nečasová ([])
Bamboo Element ([])
LAB77 Welding Art ([], Latvia), Roman Lahoda Welding Art ([]), PetriX (Trancecarpathiarts, UA), Velada wishing mashine
000333 - výtvarník a architekt Akrolpole (alias Alien Delon, MIMO-TV)
Viktor Hait Underground Art reflections
Coltcha, Elien, Alien1, FC Olympie Kožlany, ŠaašoX, Výtvarný kroužek Čtvereček (Bio Gadget team), etc.

Amanitas ([]), Manster wheel ([]), Tribo Fuego (, Firejokers ([]), Angry Clowns *Infinitos ([]), Jazzzy laser-pool diving lessons, etc.

ToFu (Xlab support team/ laser master), FotonX Vjs + Ondřej Čistín (Acropolis mapping, []), Hedonix Vjs (Koza&Siggy), Mimo TV, PerpleX, Dragon Pankosmios,. etc.
forest camp Tišina near Rakovnik, about 70 km west from Prague
Entry fee
Entry fee
40 EUR/full time entry (4 days), 25 EUR/24 hours, 15 EUR/daytime (10am-20pm), 12 EUR/ Sunday 8am-Monday
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