Bio, Nebio...

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Line Up
ATRIOHM (Parvati rec., Macedonia)
Encephalopaticys (Parvati rec., Macedonia)
GappeQ (Wirikuta rec., CZ),
Fractal (Surface tension, CZ),
Jayex (USE, CZ),
Grrrkillah (D)
GAVRILA (Chillout Planet, Russia)
Cymoon (Sonic Distortion retro CZ)
Marty a Luki (oba USE Ostravaaa), Nem (OxygenBukelaCZka z Barcelony), Mim (SharpUltraMegaHustejBlejz), Plech (Saturday night Fever), Kerray, Alien Delon, On von onoff (Out of Disorder, CZ), Jarin, Transformer
fat-cat + ambientium live, Psyrix+Extazyk, Peky(welcome to ohm), Psyla+Andy, InkFlo, H20, Stanzim, Zka4t+Ffloex, Gem reflection, Rachetik (rastafarajamaikapohodaneasi), Halluciano Pavarotti & Acido Domingo, Gavrila, Mythematica live
Cosmic Walkers (D), Vytvarny kroužek tvereek, Bio gadget crew, Cybofunk, Fluorobotanics,...
VideoTrip by PerpleX, Mimo TV, Koza, Siggy, Nomm, Kashmir and others
Bio, Nebio... (there as there was not alias once upon a time) is the 8th year of traditional May open air festival where all the flourishing core of Czech psychedelic community gathers to celebrate the spring each year since 2002..
The first night will feature pure retrostyle with all good Goa sound played from records and DATs (Russian professorDj Gabriel from Chillout Planet will top the lineup for that nostalgy storm), the Saturday night will be an exhibition of the most contemporary "cut edging" stuff with ATRIOHM on top.
The whole concept of exuberant decorations will perfectly fit the "FairyTale" style with an exquisite programme for children during the Saturday day time (BioBaby zone:) All huts would be decorated in an appropriate style and there will be nonstop cinema tent featuring many psychedelic fairytales for both children and so called adults.. As usual, there are going to be many inventive visual gadgets to puzzle your mind and videoprojections to amaze your turbulent sight. Nearby forest lake will cool you up.
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Driving navigation:
Driving to the site is pretty easy. Departing from Prague drive west dir. Karlovy Vary and turn left to Rakovnik after about 40 kms, from Rakovnik take the southern exit onto Pilsen and in Kožlany (after about 25kms) take the right turn to Hradecko, after few bends turn right just before the simple railway crossing and follow white signs "Tišina" for another 3 kms mainly through the forest. <br>
Coming by train please go to Rakovnik and change to one going to Kralovice and gett off at the small station in the wood called "Strachovice". Croos the rails and go down following the foot path crossing the brook from where the route will be distintively sign posted with BIO-NEBIO name. <br>
On Friday 19th there is also a direct bus service at 15:22 from Hradanska bus station (PRG) , the trains start at 16:38 and 20:46 from Masarykovo station (change in Rakovník). <br><br>
forest camp Tišina near Rakovnik, about 70 km west from Prague
Entry fee
Entry fee
10EUR for a day, 15EUR per weekend
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