Beltaine Festival · 1 May 2015 · San Ramon de Tres Rios (Costa Rica)

Beltaine Festival

· Over: 7y 8m
Line Up
─ Megalopsy (Dark Prisma Records, AR)
─ Will O Wisp (Dark Prisma Records, AR)
─ Glosolalia (Dark Prisma Records, AR)
─ Frantic Noise (Dark Prisma Records, AR)
─ Quantum Mechanica (Dark Prisma Records, AR)
─ Fractal Gauchos (Dark Prisma Records, AR)
─ Silly Twit (Urban Antidote, AU)
─ Signal2Noise Ratio (2to6 Records, AU)
─ Noreia (2to6 Records, AU)
─ Gargamel (2to6 Records, AU)
─ ALI (Trancelastica, IT)
─ Outstanding nerd (Fraktal Kaos Rec, CR)
─ Greenix (Urban Antidote Records, CR)
─ Maxx (Fraktal Kaos Rec, CR)
─ Abducted Brain (Isotropic Sounds, CR)
─ Xhamanik Ritual (Isotropic Sounds, CR)
─ Wario (Shiva Squad, CR)
─ Borucca Psy (CR)
─ Akekor (CR)
by witchcraft y josue
Profesional Sound System byl Cerwin Vega
Camp side, parking area,
Fire and acrobatic Show
Healthy Food by Organika


fire place
Monte El Pizote , San Ramon de Tres Rios

The Town Tres Rios is close to San Jose the capital of Costa Rica.

The best way for foreigners to get to the place is to take a taxi from anywhere in San jose and for maximum 15 $ you get to the Restaurant 'El Pizote'

You can also take the bus to 'San Ramon de Tres Rios' and get out in the last stop. You will have to walk 1 km to the Restaurant 'El Pizote' from there.

From the Restaurant "El Pizote" 1 km up west the first entrance on the right. Follow the signs
Entry fee
Entry fee
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