Bandits 16 Feb '18, 16:00
Party flyer: Bandits 16 Feb '18, 16:00
Line Up
Main Stage

Sick VS Zexa (Biomechanikal Records) - Spain
Yaksha - Sri Lanka
Yakawrath (Valu Records) - Maldives
Psylas (Valu Records) - Sri Lanka
Ashen (Spirited Records) - Sri Lanka
Psymask (Valu Records) - Sri Lanka
Ganapathi - Sri Lanka
Shehan - Sri Lanka
System Confused - Sri Lanka
Kali Shakthi (Valu Records/ Atman Tribe) -Maldives
Chambo ( Spirited Records) - Sri Lanka

Live Acoustic Acts ( Alternate stage )

Scott - Canada
Ranil - Live experimental solo act - Sri Lanka
Munion - Psychil dj set
The Bandits comes back with another episode of hitech/darkpsy/psycore fueled 3 days of insanity.

With 2 stages designed to give you an unique experience on both. Main stage to go full blast and the alternate stage to give you the definition of chill out. Waterfalls,live organic music and treasure hunting. Best of both realms.

Limited passes available only on pre-sold basis
and can be reserved by calling the below number.
Deadline to reserve tickets 10 February 2018.

Camping space available
Bring your own camping gear like tents, torches, and all that.
There are no rooms . Just space to camp with bathroom facilities.
Bring all needed necessities to make your stay comfortable.
Also there is a river so be prepared to get wet in the daytime .
Weather is unpredictable so be ready for rain as well.

Meals, Snacks, Tropical Drinks will be available at the venue for very affordable rates.
Art and craft stalls, baked goodies, jewellery and various accessories will be available for purchase as well.

Info Call - +94 770 730 347
Nisala - The Forest Sanctuary
Nelligastenne Road,
Belihul Oya
Entry fee
Entry fee
LKR. 3000/-
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