AUM Ritual · 3 Aug 2017 · Haute-Sorne (Switzerland)

Party Flyer AUM Ritual 3 Aug '17, 14:00
Party Flyer AUM Ritual 3 Aug '17, 14:00
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GAUDI - soundcloud

KINDZADZA (RUS) - soundcloud

OXIDAKSI (ISR) - soundcloud

DASHA RUSH - soundcloud

WHRIKK (NED) - soundcloud

NOISE GUST (JPN) - soundcloud

DJ HIDDEN (NED) - soundcloud

TAKAAKI ITOH (JPN) - soundcloud

I HATE MODELS (FRA) - soundcloud

BOSTON 168 (ITA) - soundcloud




DJ IMOX (CH) - soundcloud

LE CHAT-MAN (PL/CH) - soundcloud
DJ MILOSZ (PL/CH) - soundcloud
[performing a special open end time travel through 75 years of psychedelic music outro set]

more artists tbc

Featured genres: Psytrance, Techno, Drum'n'Bass, Dub, Psychedelic Rock, Jazz, Ambient and more
The team behind the legendary Forgotten Ritual 2007 is back with another vision! Once again we will gather in the Swiss mountains to celebrate Full Moon with a unique eclectic lineup that has never before been presented on one stage.

The lineup will include handpicked masters of their art who display a shamanistic approach to music from the following genres: Techno, Psytrance, Ambient, Psychedelic Rock, Jazz and more. The gathering is intended as a magical ritual, not a “party” which also means that your active participation is more than welcome.


Everything goes in circles, some say. There is only one direction ahead of us, and it's forward, others say. Then there is also the synthesis of both views – that we move through time and space, or our own mind, in circles and in a linear way, simultaneously, and what comes out of it is the spiral. We move up by going in circles, and so it is only natural that the time has come for another vision, another ritual. To gather somewhere under the stars for a couple of days and nights to celebrate the magic of existence by dancing and being.

As some of you know, tenyears ago, Karol (aka Stardust/Le Chat-Man) and DJ Milosz had a vision that was the birth of what came to be known as the Forgotten Ritual. Back then, what drove us as DJs and organisers was the psychedelic trance movement that transcended the early goa influences and culminated in a rather abstract, deeply earth-rooted approach to psychedelic frequencies that would at the same time propulse the listener into unknown spheres of the astral cosmos of the mind & soul.

We invited what we thought to be the best of the best in the scene (dark, psychedelic trance on one stage – ambient chill out on the other one) to create a balance for the wandering mind. It turned out that we were not the only ones who thought that this was the perfect line-up for such a journey. Over 1000 people from around the globe found their way to the Source in Soulce – a wonderful spot in the foresty mountains of Jura. Almost 10 years later, it is still unforgettable for many who participated, often getting the praise of being the best festival ever attended, or the turning point, an initiation so to speak, for many younger participants.

Now a new vision has reached us: of people, dancing in trance, a ritual to heal what there is to be healed and to cherish and be thankful for what there is to cherish and be grateful for. The vision was quite clear, and what we can communicate to you now is the following :

* AUM is the sound that is in tune with the whole cosmos. It is the first sound on which all of creation is vibrating, kind of like harmonics on a fundamental tone. Musically, we will confront the dancing and meditating audience with a line up that transcends all style boundaries, be it electronic or "traditional" music. World known musicians will perform freely without restrictions, apart from the very important feat that is the collective experience.

* the whole musical journey should not be seen as a succession of different musicians, but as a collective performance, where the boundaries between organiser, performer, and guest begin to blur. During 2-3 days and nights the line-up will be programmed as a shamanical journey into inner and outer realms, presenting artists who are determined to contribute to augmenting and transforming the energy this ritual will create. Every set should fit into its place in this journey.

* it is a gathering for people who choose to be there for many reasons, but there is one main reason that unites them all, and that is to show respect to each other, themselves and their environment while looking for ways to dive into the experience in order to come out of it transformed. We believe that in order for transformation to occur, it is not enough to heal the individual – we are social and relational beings and thus need the connection with other humanoids in order to transform our community/society on the collective level. Carl Jung's concept of the collective unconscious is very important here, as are Gurdjieff's Fourth Way and group work.

* guests are asked to set their intentions for this collective ritual and are asked to prepare
themselves for the gathering by making masks, costumes, body paintings or other artefacts with which they can play and use them according to their intentions. At the same time we will provide some input as to the intentions we envision on the collective level.

The purpose of Aum Ritual is to allow a space to exist where we will be able to transcend and transform individual and collective blockages and traumas as well as work on a different level of consciousness, where magic, miracles, healing and the sacred can manifest.

We are sure sure that many of you will connect with this idea, and enjoy a performance and an experience out of the ordinary.


Le Folpotat, 2864 Haute-Sorne Jura, Suisse

The same beautiful location as the Forgotten Ritual 2007!
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