Anthropos Festival · 13 Jun 2019 · Baldock, Hertfordshire, UK (United Kingdom)

Anthropos Festival

Over: 2y 3m
Party Flyer Anthropos Festival 13 Jun '19, 09:00
Party Flyer Anthropos Festival 13 Jun '19, 09:00
Line Up
Visual Artist lineup:

Art and creative expression are fundamental to what makes us human. We are ridiculously lucky to have some amazing visual artists on board. Displaying their inspirational works in the Anthropos art gallery and greater site, many will be live painting. There will also be plenty of "art spaces" for you to get creative yourself!

Alice Karveli | Cult Creations | Evelyn Entwistle | Evan Hollingdale | Frank Top | Guy Watts | Jay Goulding | Joey Baker | Miles Johnston | Rowan Koshui | Ruary Allan | Ryan Lavelle | Sander Bos | Scarlett Butters | Sciomorphis | Severina Trošt Šprogar | Taja Gorenc | Theodora Capăt | Torus Energy
Many more to be announced soon!

Music lineup:

We have an incredible lineup of auditory goodness for the first ever edition of Anthropos festival.
Ranging from deep trancey beats to incredibly energising harmonies, live and direct, all with lush sound, as well as open mic / jam stage for you to bring your own instruments and voices to.
We all are Anthropos.

Akasha Experience | Alterra Project | Amaluna | Ambient Fraggle | AYO | Bad Tango | Bass Layer | Broken Eye | Brujo's Bowl | CloZee | Desert Dwellers | Divisiblemarlin | DJ Bayawaka | DJ Iah | DJ Katty Grooves | DJ Shakti | DreamFaerie | Echoes Like Dust | Entheogenic | False Identity | FireFarm | Geoglyph | Globular | GoneWest | Hedflux | IndigoSpirit | Jeremy's Aura | Johnny Blue | Keepers Brew | Kukan Dub Lagan | Kwah | Land Switcher | Lorraine | Monk3ylogic | Mouldy Soul | Naan | Neurodriver | Opale | Ott. | OverSoul | Quanta | Robin Triskele | Selecta Alice | Silas Neptune | Snowdrop | Solar Fields | Spinney Lainey | Strange Antiquark | Symbolico | Terra Nine | TINT | Unconscious Mind(s)
Many more to be announced soon!

Meditation and Healing Area:
Meditation and related practices are integral to the Anthropos experience. Learn from qualified Mindfulness teachers, Yogis, Qigong and Tai Chi masters. Experience serenity in the extensive healing area!

Workshops, Speakers, Lecturers and more:
Talks, Lectures and Discussions. A diversity of incredible minds, ranging from scientists, internationally acclaimed authors, influential speakers to general wise souls.

Other incredible acts including awesome fire shows and ceremonies!
Arts, Music and Meditation

A new kind of festival with stunning visual art, diverse electronic beats and live acts. Workshops, lectures, discussions, healing area, welfare, live painting, artistic involvement, spa & sauna spaces!
Anthropos invites you to the forest and the fields, out into nature: to re-wire yourself to the source. From an ancient seed an unforgettable and unique tribal celebration is growing. Stunning visual art, collective diverse electronic beats and live acts. Human connection, ceremonies and deep meditation. Teaching and learning.
Every culture is welcome, we're a community coming together into a nurturing environment.

Become an integral part of the festival: Create, join discussions, make art, play music and jam! Or just chill.

We all are Anthropos!

An upcoming festival in the UK. A celebration of humanity throughout time: past, present and future. A lot of different UK crews are collaborating to put together an unforgettable event the likes the UK has never seen!
We want to delve into creating beauty through the arts + music and examine our innate ability to gain wisdom through introspection. This is why the psychedelic downtempo/chillout stage will be the biggest on par with what you might call the 'alternative' stage.

It's all about involving everyone attending. You create the festival! There will be plenty of "art spaces" for you to get creative yourself, an open mic/jam stage for you to bring your own instruments and voices to, a chance to collaborate with artists alike, bridging the gap between programme and audience. There will also be lots of lectures, guided meditations and workshops including spinning - become an integral part of the ceremonies!
Near Baldock, UK. Out in the fields and the woods.
Getting to Anthropos: Catch the train from London in under an hour, 3h from Bristol + Manchester and 1h40 from Heathrow Airport if you’re flying internationally. Find others travelling from your local area by joining our lift sharing group. []
Sound Styles
Current Phase 1 £100 single, and no more dual tickets.

Future Phases:
Phase 2: £111 + bf
Phase 3: £122 + bf
Door: £133 (if available)

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