Party Reports · Anthropos Festival 12022HE · 8 Sep 2022 · Bishops Stortford (United Kingdom)


Anthropos Festival 12022HE

· Over: 18d 3h

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19d 2h
What an omnishambles. It was requested that people used public transport to get the festival as a shuttle bus would be available from Bishops Stortford rail station. There was no shuttle bus. None going to or from the festival. No-one I met used it. It was supposed to work every 30 minutes. There were 5 of us. It is impossible to get a 7 seater in Bishops Stortford so it means two taxis which is £50 each way. Except, you can't call a taxi to the festival. My wife tried on the Saturday and I tried on the Sunday. Uber didn't work, nor did the local taxi companies!! You have to wait for taxi on a return journey. BTW, the excuse the festval used on the Sunday was they didn't have a driver for the shuttle bus!! The shuttle bus seems to be a myth. It's a 7 mile walk from the festival to the station. My 3 young kids (ages 6-12) and I started to walk, we walked about 2 miles; lots of cars with single occupants passed us but no-one would give us a lift. Finally, a taxi on a return trip stopped and we got back to the station. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! I could have rented a car and driven from East London and it would have cost me a lot less than the £190 it cost me in taxi and train fares!!
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