Anthropos Festival 12020 · 11 Jun 2020 · Baldock (United Kingdom)


Anthropos Festival 12020

Line Up
Extensive Art Gallery, Live Painting, Teaching & Workshops, Make & Create!

Alice Karveli ❂ Aloria Weaver ❂ Cult Creations ❂ Danny Dakoski ❂ David Heskin ❂ Emma Watkinson ❂ Evan Hollingdale ❂ Evelyn Jenny Entwistle ❂ Frank Top Art ❂ Heidi Vilkman Artist ❂ Itaewon ❂ Jay Goulding Art ❂ Joey Baker Art ❂ Kathrina Rupit - Kinmx ❂ Liba Waring Stambollion ❂ Luke Gray Art ❂ Mars Navarro Arts ❂ Orryelle Defenestrate ❂ Koshui ❂ Ruary Allan ❂ Ruben Topia ❂ Scarlett Butters ❂ Sciomorphis ❂ Simon Buck ❂ Stuart Griggs Art ❂ SwaYatra ❂ Torus Energy Artworks ❂ Villkat Arts ❂ Vincent Rymer

Over 60H of Non-Stop Cutting Edge Multigenre Electronic Music and Live Bands Across Three Stages

Akasha Experience ❂ Amaluna ❂ Amayama ❂ Atman Construct (Live) ❂ AYO (Live) ❂ Bad Tango (Live) ❂ BassLayer ❂ Bayawaka Bwoy De Bhajan (Live) ❂ Carbon Based Lifeforms (Live) ❂ Chaosoma ❂ DreamFaerie ❂ E:Clipse Music (Live) ❂ FireFarm (Live) ❂ Gagarin Project ❂ GAUDI (Live) ❂ Globular (Live) ❂ Hedflux (Live, 2 Sets) ❂ India Blue (Live) ❂ DJ Johnny Blue (Live, 2 Sets) ❂ Kaya Project (DJ Set) ❂ Keepers Brew (Live) ❂ Lorraine ❂ MONK3YLOGIC ❂ Mouldy Soul ❂ Nango Manchay (Live) ❂ Ozric Tentacles (Live Electronic Set) ❂ Quanta ❂ Robin Triskele ❂ DJ Shakti Sigil (Live) ❂ Silas & Saski (Live) ❂ Snowdrop (Live, 2 Sets) ❂ SORIAN (Live) ❂ Spinney Lainey (Live) ❂ Sun Anga (Live) ❂ Symbolico (Live, 2 Sets) ❂ Tea Tree ❂ Zen Baboon (Live)

Healing Village Workshops
Mindfulness, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Zen Meditation, Gong Baths & Sound Healing, Lucid Dreaming

Amayama ❂ Aria Astra Amorosa ❂ Carla Marcialis ❂ Daniel Love ❂ Dave Slater ❂ Dr Gareth Burr ❂ Georgios Germenis ❂ Kate Turner ❂ Maša Rome ❂ Nina Naomi ❂ Padma Yoga ❂ Runic John ❂ Sapphira Nan ❂ Severina Siter ❂ Shifu James Waters

Wellness Sanctuary
Spa & Saunas, Massage, Practitioners & Therapists, Hot Showers, Composting Toilets

Yoga, Mindful & Meditation Spaces
Quiet spaces, Yoga practices, Guided Meditations, Ceremonies, Mantras & Prayers, Rituals

Philosophy, Science, Anthropology, Activism, Psychology, Responsible Tech & IT, Environmentalism, Permaculture

Akua Ofosuhene (Grassroots) ❂ Anya Oleksiuk (The Psychedelic Society) ❂ Benjamin Mudge (Flinders University) ❂ Dr Ben Sessa (Imperial College London) ❂ Carl H Smith (University of Ravensbourne) ❂ Charlotte Walsh (University of Leicester) ❂ Dr Chloe Sakal (Drugscience) ❂ Christopher Timmermann (Imperial College London) ❂ Daniel Love (The Lucid Guide) ❂ Darren Springer (Grassroots) ❂ Dr David Luke (University of Greenwich) ❂ Jose Montemayor (Virtual Awakening) ❂ Julian Vayne (Breaking Convention) ❂ Katja Milner (University of Nottingham) ❂ Laura Kaertner (Imperial College London) ❂ Lindsay Jordan (University of the Arts London) ❂ Maria Balaet (Imperial College London) ❂ Marta Kaczmarczyk (Embodying The Mind) ❂ Mercedes Grant (Extinction Rebellion) ❂ Nikki Wyrd (Breaking Convention) ❂ Dr Sam Gandy (Imperial College London) ❂ Sanae Orchi (Grassroots)

Circus workshops, Fire and Light!

Dot | Line | Wave (Ed Cliffe & Åine de Roiste) ❂ Fluid Mechanics (Alan Mandala & Nina Naomi) ❂ Foolish Rogues (Roo Cyr) ❂ The BoomPuffs (Sofía Hulala & Chloe Pottinger) ❂ Travelling Light Circus (Dan Z Ra, Shona Roberts) ❂ Galactic Geisha (Serpentine Studies)

Under 15’s Go Free!
Exciting activities, full of fun & learning with Find Your Wild & Faerieland ❂ Story Telling, Arts and Crafts, Nature Learning,
Build confidence and empathy. Family and quiet camping.
Anthropos Decor Crew
Anthropos Festival 11-15th of June 12020 ❂ Second Edition ❂
At the same enchanting woodland location near London, UK.

A Transformational Gathering in the UK
Diverse and Expansive Round the Clock Programme & Music with incredible performances and over 100 Workshops & Lectures.

🌱 For every festival ticket sold we will plant a tree in your name! Having a positive impact on the planet even beyond the first edition of Anthropos Festival 🌱 If you want to get ivolved in the treeplanting for the last edition please get in touch via:

Getting to Anthropos (Baldock, Hertfordshire - Near London):
By car less than an hour from central London, smoothly up the A1! Catch the train from London Kings Cross in half an hour to Baldock !
3h from Bristol + Manchester and 1h40 from Heathrow Airport or Stansted if you’re flying internationally.
Free shuttle from Baldock station!

Find others travelling from your local area by joining the Anthropos lift sharing group!

Our values are Growth, Exploration, Balance, Connection and Celebration. We believe in building a sustainable future which is inclusive and diverse. All crew involved aim to have a positive impact on not only the festival goers subjective experience but also culture beyond that. Environment awareness is at the heart of our festival. We want to explore new ideas, to think about where we might be able to move to as a humans, together. Highlighting the very best of the human experience, we believe that everyone's voice is important and brings something unique to this reality that we shape together.

Get involved! []

The approach for running this festival:
No single use plastics, recycling bins, only using green or renewable energy sources (solar and biodiesel use only), only reusable serve ware, a recycling deposit, leave no trace policy, carpooling encouraged partially by our car parking policy which offers free parking with all seats taken, welfare and medics as well as 24h security. For more info please check out our Eco Approach on []

🙌 We All Are Anthropos 🙌
Near London, UK. Out in the fields and the woods.
Getting to Anthropos: Catch the train from London in under an hour, 3h from Bristol + Manchester and 1h40 from Heathrow Airport if you’re flying internationally. Find others travelling from your local area by joining our lift sharing group. []
Ambient · Chill · Deep Trance · Downbeat · Dub · Ethno · Psychedelic · World Music
November: Anthropos Roots & Friends Phases
Single £105, Dual £190 (£95pp) and Group £425 (pay 4, get 5 - £85pp)

December: Early Bird Phase
Single £111, Dual £200 (£100pp) and Group £450 (pay 4, get 5 - £90pp)

January and February: Phase 1
Single £133, Dual £240 (£120pp) and Group £550 (pay 4, get 5 - £110pp)

March and April: Phase 2
Single £144, Dual £260 (£130pp) and Group £600 (pay 4, get 5 - £120pp)

May until 4th of June: Final Phase
Single £155, Dual £280 (£140pp) and no more Group tickets.

Gate price: Single £170 (if available)
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