AndravaerldenFamily presents "Andra halvan" · 26 Jul 2019 · Hedmark fylke (Norway)


AndravaerldenFamily presents "Andra halvan"

· Over: 3y 2m
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by Andra Vaerlden family

_..- Taking place in the deep forests of Sweden / Norway -.._

Dear friends and family. We are truly honoured to once again be able to invite you to another creation of ours. with 48 hours of music, somewhere in the woods between Sweden and Norway. Welcome to Andra Halvan.

_..- A part of it all, apart from from it all-.._

As before, our intention is to bring you a transcendental experience beyond society, beyond its conventions and norms – beyond yourself. Where music, dancing, nature and togetherness will be at the heart of the experience. Leave your pretensions at the door. Let there be only you, only us. This is a sacred space, this is a place of celebration. A place to let loose, to fall apart and to feel whole again. Going to pieces without falling apart. This is a space where we dance for mother earth, and honor her together in peace.

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- AGUSA (Kommun 2 Records, Sweden)

- ARCHAIC (Parvati Records, Greece)

- EKOSYSTEM (Sweden)

- GOCH (Vantara Vichitra Records, Macedonia)

- HENRII (Norway)

- INNER VISION (Visionary Shamanics, Norway)


- LUDVIK & MIKKEL (Norway)

- NESS (TGP / Mental Modern, Italy)

- PEYO (Blue Hour Sounds, Italy)

- SHANTAROLF (Midnight Sun Festival, Sweden)

- SKYVIBES (Occulta / Omveda Records, Iran / Sweden)

- TADAYAN (Digital Shiva Power, Japan)

- TRABALDER (The Cure, Norway)
[click here]

- URJASA (Hypnotica Records, Sweden)

More to be announced

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More information and more artist updates will pop-up shortly

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And yes, we'll catch you on the flipside

Your Andra Vaerlden family

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-- Andra Vaerlden Family --
Deep forest camping, Organic food, Wild game meat, Full power coffee, sweets and treats,
In the deep forests of Norway/Sweden, close to the border.
3 hours from Oslo / 3 Hours from Karlstad.
Closest airport is Oslo. Exact location will be announced
Ambient · Chill · Darkpsy · Forest · Psytrance · Techno
600 / 700 / 800
-- Andra Vaerlden Family --
AndraVaerldenFamily · 1,977
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