Kožlany near Rakovnik (west of Prague) · Czech Republic
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AMOEBIO 18 May '12, 19:00
Party flyer: AMOEBIO 18 May '12, 19:00
Line Up
IANUARIA (Pepinus Divinorum, Blue Hour Sounds Records, Austria)
CELL (Cellula Gallica, ULTIMAE rec., France)
ORLAK (Orlac Phloexii Vivere, Orlak FB page)
Mythematica (Sturnus creatix, Mythematica.com)
Gem Reflection LIVE (Gemma Reflexionis Vivere, Gemreflection.cz)
Lucy Fillery a Martin Acalam (Lucia Calafunia et Martin Citharius, foto)
Semtam LIVE (Hic-ibi Vivere, Sem-tam web)
Touchwood (Tangere Lignum, Drum & Bass / Electronica / IDM)
Petrix (Petrix Carpaticum, Transcarpathia Arts, Ukrajina)
Gyrro (Gyrus Spectralis, Spectral Sound FM, Slovensko)
Kary (Carius Magnus, psytrance.sk, Slovensko)
Djane Adrienne (Contrapeda Peculiaris, Austrálie)
MIM (Infantem Atrocius) [djmim.net]
Psyrix (Volvox Callidus) [hedonix.cz]
Darjeel (Donum Versatile) [Glitch.cz]
Martyzan (Nestorius Goansis, United Sound Experience 23)
Transformer (Juniperus Sabina Transformis, Yupisashi)
Kerray (Kerralius Psymematicus) [kerray.cz]
On von onoff (Sturnus creatix, Mimo-web)
Plech (Tabula Ferrata) [plech.info]
Ejczka (Johannus Saltuarius, Polyhedra CZ)
Psyla (Psyllus Nimius, Spam Robot)
Stanzim+live guest (Tentorium Hiems Pragensis, stnzm, Quazidelict rec.)
Jan Jansen (Johanus Johanussomnium, jansen web, Germany)
Cybernetic Quartet LIVE (Coagulatio cyberneticum, [Ambientum.com], [Fatcat.cz], [Mythematica.com])
Kubis_In, Indie +pad (Cubus Tympanicus)
Petrix (Petrix Carpaticum)
Darjeel (Donum Versatile)
Peky (Placidus Moratus)
Ink Flo (Tinctura Obscura)
Shantiboy_108 (Puer Esotericus)
Zka4t (Carcula Viridis et Tetradeum Nano)
Nika77 (Nica Bohemica)
THX (Benedictus Arcanus)
Todzo (Horatius Magnus), Plex (Plexus Tardus), Plechový jazzz, Kashmir a samosebou Halluciano Pavarotti & Acido Domingo classics...
MIMO TV (Spectroscopus Alienum) [mimo.cz]
PerpleX (Plexus Tardus)
Nomm (Michelius Sativus) Kashmir&Alisa (Spectroscopus Aliciensis)
Siggy (Causa Bibendi), Anarchitect (Athene Noctua), Koza (Capra barbata), etc...

IN SITU Decore et Spectaculi:
Bamboo element (Credentia Afrensis) [bambooelement.cz]
Amanitas (Amanita exhibita) [cirqueon.cz]
Infinitos (Ignis Glumonium) [infinitos.cz]
Elemental (Michelius Lycrensis)
Cybofunk (Borutus Tremens)
Cyreal (Cyrillus Semilanceatus, var. Ranae) [cyreal.eu]
Saasox (Fossor Noli Tangere)
1ONYO fuzzy team (Pyrrhula pyrrhula et al.), Petrix a Bio-gadget team, etc.
11th year of traditional May gathering of all Czech and fine mixture of international psychedelic crowd amidst the deep forests between Prague and Pilsen.
Try to catch your blissful moment in constantly changing stream of psychedelic energy at the peak of sharp green vegetation mantle spring. Bohemian open air&mind forest festival with remarkable scent of family feeling. 11th year of creative chaos with a help from Czechoslovak as well as international artists takes on the fuzzy shape of your imagination dressed up in colourful amoebial membrane gown.
Don't miss this festival if you are serious nicely not enough, albeit ready to face this opportunity with a decent spice of your own inventive creativity. The festival is meant to be purely surreal for its own sake.

15kW sound system FunktionOne [viceaudio.com]

Czech up the photoreports from last year:
GPS/Loc: 50° 0' 20.3" N, 13° 33' 12.82" E
The same place as last year, e.g. the forest camping site near Kožlany village, located between Rakovník and Kralovice, about 70km west from Prague and 30km north of PILSEN.
Driving: from Prague drive west dir. Karlovy Vary and turn left to Rakovnik after about 40 kms, from Rakovnik take the southern exit onto Pilsen and in Kožlany (after about 25km) take the right turn to Hradecko, after few bends turn right just before the simple railway crossing and follow white signs "Tisina" for another 3 kms mainly through the forest.
Coming by train please go to Rakovnik and change to one going to Kralovice. Get off at the small station in the forest called "Strachovice". Cross the rails and go down following the foot path crossing the brook from where the route will be distinctively indicated with AMOEBIO signs.
From Pilsen drive north to Kralovice and turn left in the following village (Kožlany) towards Hradecko. Then you will see the signs at the right just after the railway crossing.
Entry fee
Entry fee
20 EUR / 3 days, 14 EUR/day
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