Party Reports · The Mystic Friday · 19 Jun 2015 · Berlin (Germany)

The Mystic Friday

· Over: 7y 7m

Reports / Feedback

7y 6m
What was wrong was EXACTLY the music. I came around 330 and stayed till 8-9. The music is the heartbeat of any party, if its not good the rest will be spoiled.
7y 7m
Line Up
Dear Kelisi,

sorry to read that you was disappointed, what was wrong? Like always I was coming early in the morning around 7 o clock. The party was running nice but the music not my taste. So I enjoyed the chill area. Then DJane Dee Luna was playing and she has do it right. Enough place to dance, really friendly crazy people, just funny as always at Mystic Fridays/Roses.

Hope you give us a second chance someday ;-)

7y 7m
I was very disappointed with the sound, it even gave me bad feelings and left feeling worse than before the party, when usually for me it is a spiritual experience which lifts me up. The worst Mystic Friday I have been to and also the last time that I travel to Berlin for a party, its really not worth it.