Party Reports · Quintessence Label Night #1 · 9 Mar 2018 · Berlin (Germany)

Reports / Feedback

3y 4m#3ORGA

Wow, what a great night!

Much thanks to everyone that joined our Quintessence Label Night #1, it was a pleasure! We feel blessed that we were able to bring together such a great set of musical and visual artists and we really hope everyone had a great time!

Now we're working on the upcoming releases.... Stay tuned ;-)

3y 4m#1εΔятђℓίµg

Nix Party + miese Premiere :/ Fuckin' Türsteher hat mich, erstmalig in 16Jahren PsychedelicFeierei, net inne location gelassen, da ich ihm anscheinend net sauber genug dahergekommen bin.....bin ja auch voll die Ausnahme wat dit betrifft.....ja nee, is klar....für mich & meene Süsse leider der totale Reinfall :(