New Vision Festival ★ HH Teaser ★

Reports / Feedback

8m 9d#1Ha$$an

For the first few hours i thought ...... ' Oh fuck theres noone here ' . The bar floor was empty and there were maybe 15 people on the main floor . Then at about 2 loads of people came and it was full .

The bar floor had no deko ...... wich i thought was good :) ...... Because it ment that the feeling and charakter of the location came over .

The deko on the main floor was very good . One concept for the whole floor . But there was much to much UV light ......... and instead of those lights pointing upwards they pointed downwards = In peoples eyes .

The music on both floors was mostly a continual beat without pauses wich was realy nice .

Some of the sounds werent for me . On the bar floor there was a time when it was just shredder , much to loud and with feedback from the boxes .

All in all a nice evening . Thanks :)