MAKE YOUR TRANSITION - 5th Anniversary Special Edition · 31 Mar 2010 · Almonte (Andalucía) (Spain)

MAKE YOUR TRANSITION - 5th Anniversary Special Edition

· Over: 12y 10m
Line Up
Aes Dana (Ultimae Rec, France) []
Atma (Y.S.E. Rec, Austria) []
Tristan (Nano Rcs, UK) []
Protonica (IONO Music, Germany) []
Clean Trip (Zero Gravity/Bosc Electric, Spain) []
Kimi.Ox (Manta Ray/EarDream Music, Italy) []
M.I.D.A. (BMSS, Germany) [] []
Multiman (Maledictis, UK) []
Psyground (BMSS, Germany) []
Ryan Mckenna (Oxygen Junkies, Scotland) []
Sozz (Transition, Spain) []
Atati (Trancecarpathiarts, Ucrania) []
Alexsoph (BMSS/Transition, Germany) []
Anam Fio (BMSS/Miditation, Germany) []
Boom Shankar (BMSS/FreakTime/Transition, Germany) []
Doctor Z (Transition, Spain) []
Gubo (BMSS, Slovaquia) []
Hell Blau & FreakSoul (BMSS/Transition, Spain) []
Khelben (BMSS, Germany) []
Maximus (BMSS/Transition, Germany) []
Ralle Aus Halle (Iono Music, Germany) []
Piet Kaempfer (Iono Music, Germany) []
Psyfinger (Nostradamus, Portugal) []
Siidefiin (BMSS/SchmoX, Germany) []
Spiritual Fingers (Nostradamus, Portugal) []
Talek (Transition, Spain) []
Vinyltreiber (Transition, Germany) []
Yan Gecko (BMSS, Germany) []
Yarza (Dinsha Prana Rcs, Spain) []
Aes Dana (Ultimae Rec, France) []
Anam Kara (BMSS, Germany) []
Atati (Trancecarpathiarts, Ucrania) []
Cebu (GSG, Argentina)
Cosma (MantaRay/EarDream Music, Italy)
El Mito (Transition Sounds, Spain)
El MonG (Transition, Spain) []
FreakSoul (Transition, Spain)
Jam Sessions (Transition, Spain)
Jesus Blau (Transition, Spain) []
Julio Roger (Transition, Spain) []
Los Monkys (Italy) []
Lull (Psylocibe, Spain)
Minimus (BMSS, Germany) []
Moonwatcher (Transition, Spain) []
Neigh3our (Crystal Matrix, Portugal) []
Oso (Kinki Aliens, Spain)
Shanky vs Alex (BMSS, Germany)
SkiSound System (Spain) []
Spiritual Light (Nostradamus, Portugal) []

...Live bands and more!!!
The Frogz (Spain) []
Jamas (BMSS, Germany) []
Neonovy (BMSS, Germany) []
Ganesha Space Garden (GSG, Argentina) []
TangenT (Transition, Spain) []
Tranz Visuals (Transition, Spain) []
Art Attack (Transition, Spain)
Transition Crew

MaeX Steel (BMSS, Germany) []
Fractal Tribe (GSG, Argentina)

Lunitecnia (Spain) []
YashArts Skakoshnine (Portugal)
Deim Moss (Spain)
Associação Artistica Satori (Portugal)

LASER SHOW by Transition Crew
"Second Star to the right, and straight on till morning!!!"

Transition & BMSS are proud to present another dream coming true... A holistic parallel universe influenced by the Full Moon where everything is possible!!! We as humans are becoming part of the transition to a New Era, a new time where we must be ready to fully experience our lives in its most expanded essence, in harmony with nature and the cosmic world around. Then, the unreal becomes real and magic appears creating a beautiful paradise... also called heaven, dreamland, Neverland... all of them referring to the same utopian world where you can wake up into the amazing psychedelic experience and keep being. Last edition, "The Changeling", was just the beginning of a beautiful love story between brother Moon, sister Sun, and all brothers and sisters of stars!!!

Make your Transition in the Spanish forest, the country of the diving sun and the blue sky!!! You can arrive at the location from March 31st at 18:00. The experience will start with a Cinema Night in the Chill Space at 21:30... On Thursday day, all workshops and alternative activities will be available for all participants... presenting a new concept called INDIGOA.

This pioneer concept never seen before in parties, mainly focused on Thursday night until sunrise, is presented by FreeSoul & Cosmic Night, two living alchemists who will guide you in an experimental travel throughout the boundaries of your consciousness, a unique opportunity to experience the natural state of trance within... Guided by these two Indigo souls and underlined with ambient sound waves, these complementing WORKSHOPS provide the knowledge & the wisdom for you to dive into the alternative Universe & the parallel Reality of Your Self, opening a cosmic doorway in the community; a vibratory state of higher consciousness & greater awareness to fully enjoy the upcoming celebration of life.

Transition offers the possibility to feel and embody this consciousness, to be free of all social and moral standards, and just BE with your essence. On Friday evening, you may want to go to the Main Floor to enjoy the Opening Ceremony and the initiation of the ancient ritual of the trance dance experience we are preparing for you. This powerful shamanic adventure guided by a wide selection of lives and djs of the New Era will end in the global happiness of the community, together dancing under a sky full of stars and sharing new ideas for a better world. This is the energy of Aquarius, and Transition is here to manifest it and be part of it.

...::: CHILL SPACE :::...

This cozy area will be the selected place for applying the Cinema Night, the IndiGoA concept, and also the perfect atmosphere to relax and integrate the experiences of the dancefloor. From Friday morning on, this will be a nice peaceful place for sharing your thoughts, having a Chai with your brothers and sisters, or simply be absorbed by the magic of this UV area. This is the place for your body, your mind, and your soul.

...::: MAIN FLOOR :::...

Welcome to the first Open Air Dancefloor of the season, opening precisely on April Friday 2nd, at 22:22. In this spaceship you will be tuned with the last pumping Psychedelic, Goa, and Progressive stuff, projected by crystal clear sound, and amplified by lovely nature around us. Be delighted by amazing well chosen Live and Dj sets, non focused on the main commercial festival streams, but the magical connection between the body and the soul through certain musical frequencies. In terms of the line up, you can simply expect one of best natural flows ever !!!

...::: WORKSHOPS :::...

:: Wednesday 31st :: 21:00h :: SPECIAL CINEMA NIGHT ::

* Alex Grey "COSM, The Movie"
* The Philosopher Stone
* "Waking Life"

:: Thursday 1st :: INDIGOA ::

Align your Microcosm with the Macrocosm, reflect the beauty of the luminous stars in your very own heart & prepare your Self to “Make Your Transition”. You are welcome to join & discover the world of REALIZATION, VISUALIZATION & THETA WAVES.

Part I: 20:00 - 22:00 “Remember yourself & awaken your Potential” by FreeSoul
* Visualizations & mystic Journey
* Mystery of the Chakras
* Neuron connections in the brain – We are what we think!
* The impact of habit
* Action & Re-Action – who is in power?
* Techniques to “tune in” a positive resonance
* Help from the universe – are we alone or all-one?

Part II: 22:00 - 7:00 “TheTa-O: Spiritual Survival Pack ltd. for party people” by Cosmic Night
* 2 different Meditations to connect to the energy off All that Is
* The power of Visualization
* DNA what’s that?
* How to send Waywards to the light
* How to heal the broken soul
* How to heal the broken heart
* How to disconnect from past relationships
* How to release radiation out of the body
* How to supercharge your food
* Send love in the womb


Voice Techniques
Human Roots
African Dancing
Kids Activities
String Art


Have a walk around this area to recharge your batteries with some special organic food, a delicious breakfast, or incredible original pizzas. You will also find here a wide variety of objects to decorate your body!!!

If you are interested in developing your creativity in Autoexistent Market, write us an e-mail, specifying the dimensions of your stand, people working in the project, amount of electricity you need, and products/prices to be sold in the festival. Welcome on board!!!

...::: EMAIL CONTACTS :::...

General Contact ->
Artists Contact ->
Market Contact ->

...::: oThEr iNfO :::...

Special Opening Ceremony
Fire Jugglers
Hot Showers
Camping Area (no open fire!)
Free Parking
NO SOUND SYSTEMS allowed in camping area!

Experience true life, love, and happiness!!!

Have a look at the Official Trailler from our VJ MAEX STEEL!! youtube
Official Website Association "Make Your Transition" []
Official Myspace []
Official Webpage MAKE YOUR TRANSITION 2010 []
Partner Website BMSS []

Love & Light
This gathering will be located in a beautiful outdoor location 4 kms far from Almonte, close to the National Park of Doñana. After last rains of March, countryside becomes paradise itself, surrounded by special colors and smells, so you can expect the spirits of nature around the whole place. Come and feel the energy of this international gathering in tune with this natural environment, full of life and peace. Looking for that magical gateway to the land of your dreams? Moment of truth has arrived, Make Your Transition with us and you will see... to believe....

Across Almonte and look for the "4 Roads Cross" (you will find a big architecture in that cross). Drive 4 kms along Cabezudos Road and turn right in the first round. You will find your paradise in about 5 minutes. Take your time to keep your stuff and be aware!!
Entry fee
PRESALE CLOSED! Thanks for your energy!!

Tickets @ the Gates: 40 € (not limited!)
** Garbage Deposit 5 € not included
** Free entrance for children under 12

Dear friends of nature, since the garbage deposit in last year edition helped to keep the beautiful location cleaner during the whole festival period, we have decided to stick to it for next editions and improve its function. It is important that everybody takes part and shows responsibility on this matter. Thank You! :)

In the entrance, every guests will be given the distinctive of the experience, the line up, and an empty rubbish bag which will have to be delivered full in the departure to get the deposit back.

... & ONLY for those who bought the advance ticket, there is a surprise waiting.... BIG BOOM in 2010!!!!
Transition & BMSS
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