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There would be shuttel bus from the bar!!!

Please join us from 12 am in the morning.

Shuttel bus( only from kathmandu) would cost 1000 rs only one way coming back you can find loads of local buses
The festival would be over till 12 am in the morning so shouldnt be a problem.
If you want to come by yourself fully accessible by taxi and local transport.

Its on the middle of kathmandu, and pokhara (so either way its similar distances.)

If you are coming from pokhara ( take a bus to kathmandu -tourist buses( only in the morning 7am) & local buses runs every morning & nights)

If you are Coming from kathmandu ( take a bus to Pokhara Please keep in mind( tourist bus runs only in the morning 7am) and local buses runs all day & night)
The plase you have to get out is:

Follow this map Gorkha beach adventure resort ( kurintar, Gorkha Nepal)

Gorkha Beach Adventure Resort

***********Its an official hitchwiki places so finding ride to hear is not at all difficult

If you want to hitchhike from kathamandu Start hitchiking from Kalanki ( or Thankot,
avoid night times but during the morning and day should be possible.
From pokhara try getting a ride that leaves to kathmandu.and drop down at ([])