Party Reports · High Frequencies ॐ Psychedelic Gathering · 5 Mar 2016 · Brussels (Belgium)

High Frequencies ॐ Psychedelic Gathering

Over: 5y 10m

Reports / Feedback

5y 10m#1jangali

Line Up
Thanks everyone for a great party! Goa family: you were marvellous. Various "intruders" tried hard to spoil the party with typical low vibes, but they couldn't hack the love for long, could they?

Thank goodness for the second room though. Room upstairs not fit for purpose with too many people, movement in every direction, poor sound system and acoustics. Fab visuals though.

Hats off to Panchakshara/Lotus downstairs for reminding us who we are and mental set from MDS. But most of all, hats off to the crowd: what a positive, fun and sweet lot you were. Om Namah Shivaya ॐ