Psilo Project's : Psy-Camp 9 Dec '17, 18:00
Party flyer: Psilo Project's : Psy-Camp 9 Dec '17, 18:00
Line Up
☆Ham Abstract☆
[Purple Hexagon Records]

For you who read this thread, we would like to announce that Ham Abstract from Purple Hexagon records has confirmed to join us in our first Psilo Project's Psy-Camp. A small open air gathering with soundsystem, and vision ;)

As Gili Air native resident, Ham Abstract is deserve to be called as one of a few Indonesia Psy-scene legends. Aside from organising various underground yet global in scale festival in his homeland since 2007 such as the famous Space Bar parties and Burning Island or even Bali annual Dance for Peace Festival, now his name is already lined up in many international festivals. To name a few, the Experience Festival-Thailand, Belantara Festival-Malaysia, Fractalia Festival-Berlin, and Blackmoon Festival-Italy.

Read his interview and listen his selection on:



Our search through this digital divice in our hand resulted in our disclosure with Danu (Dan/Bonavoyaga), a local talented Balinese that willing to stay in his cave for days and come out with a bunch of good psy music! (And an underground Singaraja family-based annual psy gathering organiser aand a soundsystem mechanic)

Realising that psytrance scene with strong underground vibe is hard to find in our hometown, we took no second thought last July to made a party in Jakarta with Danu as one of our line up. Now we're planning to prepare better environment for him to express his taste in an open air dance floor!

Listen to his works here:



☆Psilo Family☆

Consist of local djs, vjs, and wizzard of all sorts. Good music, good vibe, good memories we are trying to manifest ;)
Psilo Project
-Bring extra warm jackets, the venue is about 2000 m above the sea level.
-Possibly raining, though we manage to have big tent covering the dancefloor yet still equip yourself good.
-Camping gear will be available to rent at the venue. (Limited)
-Exact location, please send us private message or just email us.
-Bring more fruits and drinking water please! ;)

Being together, having fun, celebrating life, be open to infinite possibilities. Lets keep it that Simple :)
West Java
Entry fee
Entry fee
The camp ground will charge you Rp15.000 at the front gate yet we received any kind of donation :)
Psilo Project
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