Transylvania Calling 2011 · 8 Aug 2011 · Transylvania (Romania)

Transylvania Calling 2011

Party Flyer Transylvania Calling 2011 8 Aug '11, 15:00
Party Flyer Transylvania Calling 2011 8 Aug '11, 15:00
Line Up
‎# Abrahadabra Denmark Parvati
# Alrune Denmark
# Atma Romania B.M.S.S.
# Calamar Audio Finland Antiscarp
# Eat Static United Kingdom Mesmobeat/Solstice/T.I.P. World/Interchill
# F-Virus Finland
# Farebi Jalebi Australia Parvati, D.S.P.
# Fragletrollet Norway Shaman Films/Yggdrasil
# Goasia Serbia Soundmute
# Grouch New Zealand Zenon Records
# Hypogeo Italy Zenon Records
# Jahbo Denmark Parvati Records
# Kained & Able United Kingdom
# Kalumet Hungary Psylife Music
# Kykeon Project Italy Bionic Instinct
# Lightaman Finland
# Loopus In Fabula Italy Fabula Records
# Makadam Sweden Sanaton
# Naked Tourist Germany Parvati Records
# Ocelot USA Avatar, Zaikadelic, Vertigo, Dropout
# Opsy Croatia Soundmute
# Para Halu Hungary Psylife Music
# Procs Sweden Trishula Rec., Manic Dragon
# Protonica Germany IONO Records
# Radioactive.Cake Germany Glitchy.Tonic.Records
# Scorb United Kingdom Trick Music
# Sienis Finland Peyotii Recordings
# Squaremeat Finland Exogenic Records
# Sychotria Brazil Bhooteshwara Records
# Tom Cosm New Zealand Freelancer
# Vishnudata Finland Exogenic Records
# Whiptongue Brazil Looney Moon Records
# Will O Wisp Argentina Dark Prisma Rec.
# Xpiral Brazil Vagalume Records
# Xuranium France Red Moon Record
# Zartrox Brazil Uroboros Rec/Glitchy Rec
# Zeitgeist Germany "Glitchy.Tonic.Records"
# Akira Indika Germany
# Alanita Brazil Cosmic Conspiracy Rec.
# Alexsoph Germany B.M.S.S.
# Ankur Germany Seres-Music
# Barbaleku Romania Antiscarp Rec.
# DJ Buzz-T Portugal DJ Peak Records
# Dj Oval Finland
# Djane Scarol Hungary independent
# Ego-T Sweden Zenon records
# Era Hungary
# FOG & PHOBOS Italy (Looney Moon & Peak Rec)
# Gandalf Germany Iono Music
# Iguana DJ Germany
# Kaempfer und Dietze Germany
# Loopus In Fabula Italy Fabula Records
# Lygos Romania
# Nolan Shmolan UK Zenon Records/Arkona Creation Records
# Ocelot USA Avatar, Zaikadelic, Vertigo, Dropout
# Opsy Croatia Soundmute
# peakA Australia Fabula/Sub Records
# Psyco Zaika Israel/Russia/USA Zaikadelic Records
# Sandal Wood Bulgaria Tribal Vision Rec
# Sienis Finland Peyotii Recordings
# Styx.Dj Romania dreamtime, Uroboros Records
# Thaty Brazil Moretrance Djs
# Tim Duster Finland Sun Station Records
# Whiskey Baba Finland Antiscrap
# Zooch Lithuania Arkona Creation
Chillout Stage
Chillout Live Acts
# Eat Static United Kingdom
# Gouch New Zealand
# Kanc Cover Serbia
# Mixile Ireland
# Ren Toudu Finland
# Squarefeet Finland Exogenic Records
# Stellar Ink Pony Sweden
# Tom Cosm New Zealand
# Unknown Cause Norway
Chillout DJ Sets
# DJ Mantram Sweden Love Forest
# Kalumet in Dub Hungary Psylife Music
# Økapi Italy Illegal Art, EMI, KML rec, Inflatbl Rec
coming soon

for chill out, ambient and other good music to play in this area please apply here []
as for Deco we are looking for organic projects or ideas please apply here []

Vjs, Performers and other Artists can apply here []
we found a really special and even more beautiful location :) stay tuned after having confirmed all things and signed all necessary contracts and licences we will announce it officially!
Sound Styles

Dear friends,
We are glad to announce that the early bird tickets are sold out!
Your support helps us tremendously in planning and preparing! - the more tickets sold now, the more can be directly invested in this years event ..
At this point we’d also especially like to thank all of you who purchased a regular ticket and left the cheaper early birds for our fellow dancers from lower income countries !
- we were very happy to see how many of you followed our suggestion and showed great community spirit!

There are 4 ways of gaining access to TC: (Donation, 60€, 80€, 100€)

1- If you really need a cheap ticket you better hurry to get one of the only 300 Limited early bird tickets available @ 60 € exclusively from our website starting on 10.10.2010 at precisely 10pm (UTC+2) (early bird = someone that gets his ticket early :) (SOLD OUT)

2- by decent donation trough credit card, bank transfer or paypal trough our website [] to Asociatia Artlabs to use for the Transylvania Calling cause.You can donate as much as you can/want but if you also wish a personal invitation with access to Transylvania Calling your donation must be at least worth the presale price of the normal ticket

3- by ordering a regular or electronic ticket from either our website or from Access All Areas []
1000 presale tickets available @ 80 € from our website and the ambassadors

4- At the gate the price is 100 € and the tickets will be limited in function of how many presale tickets have been sold until then.
You can buy your early bird tickets now to save some cash! By purchasing your tickets as soon as you can, you give us necessary support that we need for upgrading Artistic Line up and quality of Infrastructure, Transport and all important pre festival jobs!
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