In- & Outdoor
Ahimsa Productions 19 Jul '19, 17:00
Party flyer: Ahimsa Productions 19 Jul '19, 17:00
Line Up
Mike Maguire, UK
Youth, Dragonfly Records, UK.
Dino Psaras, Liquid Records UK
James Munro, Flying Rhino Records UK
Tsuyoshi, Japan, Matsuri records.
Jhothi Sidhu, UK
Dominic Lamb, Slinky Wizard Flying Rhino Records UK
Martin Freeland 'man with no name'
Graham Wood, UK.
DJ Dexter UK

Plus other live artists including:
Dark Indigo

Chill Out.
Lee Lee, Uk
The Clapham Collective.
Pablo dubdelica.
Other artists to be confirmed.
Ahimsa productions and JQ.
Countryside location Bexhill on Sea East Sussex.

Camping and Car parking included in the price.
Farm Location, between Bexhill on Sea and Normans Bay East Sussex.
Private event, ticket only 300 people.
The ticket entitles you to membership to future events.

Tickets from: []
Entry fee
Entry fee
£30 early purchase to £40 and £50.
buy tickets at :
Ahimsa Productions and Friends.
Ahimsaproductions on facebook
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Sound Styles


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