What's new?

7 Jun '21 ·

What's new?

Features and Changes

Even though few parties are entered due to the general world situation, the code here does not remain uncared for.

There have been a number of updates over the last while, which are loosely summarized here.

  • For online events there is a new party category "Virtual Events"
  • Preview images for party photos are now twice as big
  • The right info block for new flyers, new parties etc. can be switched on and off permanently
  • Clickable color fields at the bottom right for direct selection of the color mode
  • The year bar on Past Events ("Show detail search") opens the calendar without reloading the page
  • Members can write messages to themselves as a "note
  • The links are now (almost) all reader friendly (so called "SEO")
  • "Under the hood" a number of optimizations happened, which show in the loading speed and performance
  • My Thank You to the donators I would like to express not least also in this way - all further visitors and (active) members at this point for their participation.

The long, deep (party-)winter seems to be over now, slowly the events are entered again.

In the future, the entrance fee and the ticket url can be entered separately. This promises even better results with the search engines.