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27 Feb 24 ·

Weather forecasts and moon phases...

...have been added.

Recently, the party details have once again included a (displayable) weather display including a forecast for the next six days. The weather link appears at the top of the detail view for all current events.

Technical details about the weather

The weather data comes from Open-Meteo. To access this data, PHP Weather has been integrated and extended with its own functions.

The icons are again a font and come from Weather Icons.

The technology works on the server side, i.e. there are no user-side Javascript requests to external services.

Furthermore, a 15-minute cache has been interposed in order to be able to respond directly to identical requests.

The layout is provided by goabase's own code.

Another (small) innovation are the moon phases, which are displayed as a moon symbol in the "Worldtimes". One of eight phases is displayed in each case. Php-moon-phases is used for the calculation.

Apart from that, there were (as always) minor optimisations in the code.

And - at this point I would also like to thank you for your constant donations...