The Latest Status

24 Feb '22 ·

The Latest Status

What happened here with the features.

Part of the development goes into very general things that are hardly visible. For example, the code is kept up to date, now PHP8.1. Or there are optimizations in the graphics, which reduce loading times by 30%. The internal error logging has been optimized, "bad" bots are caught better.

Ok, this is more or less boring stuff. This is about parties and how to search and find them - in a short and concise way.

So, that's what's been accumulating for the last ten weeks:

  • The search fields on Upcoming Events can be shown/hidden by a button and remain visible as soon as the search has been used
  • The start page lists "New parties", "New meetinpoints" etc. got a slightly changed layout
  • The search for a party date has become much more performant
  • For the gender in the member profile a free field is available
  • The member infos on the top right (or bottom on smartphones) are now expandable and collapsible
  • On the right side the list "Visited Threads" appears, as soon as a thread was called up
  • At the end of Forum Threads is now a random image from one of the posts
  • Forum Boards has been reactivated, the link can be found under "Filter" in the forum
  • Altogether more performance, in the forum and in the party search

If there was a bug between all this, you can see above all: It's alive

amalesh (webmaster)