15 Feb '19 ·

Telegram Goabase Bot

Goabase Parties in Telegram
Telegram Goabase Bot

Telegram is a messenger for smartphones.

On Telegram "Bots" can be set up, which then query servers (here) and deliver an answer (parties). ginmaster has now programmed such a "goabase_bot". This allows current Goa/Psytrance events to be displayed and shared within Telegram.

In order to get the parties from a certain city, e.g. Berlin, listed, the place name is entered after a space:

  • @goabase_bot Berlin

Strictly speaking, it is a search within a radius of 100km, so there are also parties from the surrounding area.

Instead of the location, you can also enter line-up and country names (English). The combination line-up and location is of course also possible:

  • @goabase_bot Klopfgeister
  • @goabase_bot Klopfgeister Hamburg
  • @goabase_bot Klopfgeister Germany

The search for festivals and clubs is also interesting:

  • @goabase_bot Festivals
  • @goabase_bot Clubs

Ultimately, everything can be combined as desired.

A list of the current parties and events appears with name, place and date. Tap on a party to display details such as line-up and location. If you want to know more, you will find the link to the Goabase.