4 Jul '09 ·

Some Changes

Once again some fine tuning.
We changed this features or options:
  • There is a problem with Firefox 3.5 if you try to change your email adressYou have to insert your password again to avoid the problemAn error message informs you about it.
  • If you register or change your account you have to insert a control password now.
  • It's not possible for new members/accounts anymore to insert a new partyAsk a moderator or the webmaster to get this option.
  • We renamed the menu topic "goabase chats" into "shoutbox & irc-chat".
  • The party calender is increased from the next 12 to the next 18 months.
  • The visits on the left side counts humans only now and don't include the searchengine robots anymore.
  • The goabase help explains now why we delete private messages automatically after 60 days if you don't save the messages.

Update: The change "new members no party edit" is changed backWe got unexpected side effects.