Smartphone / iPhone - Layout

30 Dec '11 ·

Smartphone / iPhone - Layout

There's a new layout optimized for small screens. This makes it possible on smartphones, netbooks and iPhones to use the Goabase better.
Here it is visible: [goabase]. There, select the second layout.

It is not a mobile (stripped) version, as they have some papers or Facebook, but the full Goabase in an adapted version:
  • The menu is above horizontal, where it was pulled over the logo to the top (save pixels).
  • The complete contents needs only two columns, the finger-zooming is rarely be necessary.
  • All the links and buttons are bigger so they can "click" better with your finger.

Generally, for all layouts: During the page loading and at slow speeds Goabase was 'flickering'. This has been corrected, the 'flicker' effect is over.

(Other changes, as always, are not excluded but even quite possible )