12 Mar '11 ·

Smaller Menu

In the menu on the left some links have been combined. 23 Menu items were reduced to 16.
In long term, it is better to use.

Under "parties" were most of the changes:
"all parties" combines (almost) everything together what belongs in this area. A click will appear as usual, the recent parties. The following pages are reachable via "Tab Navigation":
- In your Country
- New Flyer
- Calendar 18 Months
- Former Parties
- Party Photos
- Flyer Collection

In conclusion are "meetings & reports" which are separated on tab navigation. Actually, there are only specific search queries, but as a finished page more useful. The page "random photos" slipped up and this removed the whole menu section "Party History".

Member: The menu item "your account" disappeared. To open your right click on your name on the top right of the page.

As a result, the menu of about 700px reduced to 560px height and can make better use on small monitors. You also have to read seven menu points less

9y 22d #1 krize

Nice, but I still miss the Party Calender button was good to easy check dates around the world...

9y 19d #2 amalesh

9y 19d #3 krize

Danke :)