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7 Oct 08 ·

Server down

The goabase was offline for around 10 hours.
The reason is a script which starts automatically at 23:45h to save the logfilesDuring this process the apache webserver will be restarted but sometimes it doesn't restarts againIt's not easy to find the true cause for this effect but we search for a solutionThe first step is to set the script time on 12:00h which make it easier to restart the webserver manually.
15y 4m
Marlin Janus (Mitnal Rec.)
If apache sometimes fails to restart, why not use a cronjob which checks if it's still alive every 5 minutes or so. And if it has died, the cronjob automatically tries to restart apache.
15y 4m
sounds interesting. my cronjob works this way:

- apache stop
- copy the logfiles
- creaty empty ones
- apache start

the last step fails sometimes... maybe I have to put it into a while loop until apache started again...
15y 4m
sounds a good solution!
15y 4m
It was your fault! If that EVER happens again we shall all kick your butt!!!

Actually, I just wanted to express my gratitude towards you! You do so important work, connecting everybody, we are all thankful. I could not imagine a world without your site :-)

Das wars auch schon an Spam und danksagung ;)

Liebe Gruesse aus China, einem der wenigen Laender das noch nicht erfasst ist
Greetings from China, one of the few countries that is not represented yet.
I'll try my best :-)