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20 Jun 14 ·

Semantic Party Link

Party names now appears in the web addresses. And the party submit form has also been improved...
What is a semantic link?

So far, a party link was anonymous, there was just a number, i.e. goabase.net/12345. Now, the party name is included. If you make an entry for „Psytrance Festival 2014“, then the name will appear in the web link: goabase.net/psytrance-festival-2014/12345.

So, the link of the party originates from the name.

It will be easier, to identify the party and it will also receive better placements in search engines. Name can be chosen freely, however only A-Z and numbers will appear at the end.

A short party link still exists and can be used as „Short-URL“, using just the number of a party.

Some of the party form improvements are as follows:
  • Select a location and it's geo data will be transferred. The party can be found using area search after that.
  • Map can be disabled
  • Select address for exact map. The address will be automatically transfered into the field „Location“
  • Styles can be entered immediately
  • New flyer can be uploaded without the old one having to be deleted