Party search faster and more modern

12 Oct '17 ·

Party search faster and more modern

The party search now lists the found events immediately

The (short) waiting screen

Recently the search has been visually tidied up, but now it is also functionally improved.

As soon as the date and/or place are filled in, the appropriate events will appear immediately, without reloading the complete page. If "Detailed Search" is opened, further options are available, which also immediately provide the desired parties.

Actually, this is a technology that web users have been accustomed to for a long time. So it was about time to implement this as well. Anyway, playing around with it is now really fun...

As a result, several other changes have been made:

  • Only a maximum of 20 instead of 30 parties per page will be listed. The search is (very) fast, so that filtering quickly delivers the desired events.
  • The usual page navigation is replaced by a "More Parties...", which loads the next up to 20 just as fast.
  • On Past Events there is now a date field with a calendar.
  • The party sharing link now contains "Guestbook". With this you can enter the party in your own guestbook.