Goabase News

17 Dec 14 ·

New Features

Calendar for start/end in party submit, smartphone portrait, faster loading and some other details

Changes and updates of the last weeks

new calendar
  • We have a modern calendar now in use for start / end date on party submitting or changing.
  • Smartphone portrait mode is usuable with all styles from Layouts and Styles. Not needed to move the smartphone to landscape anymore.
  • Choosing the smartphone layout disables the shoutbox now.
  • The random flyer on the startpage and the fliers in the lists are bigger now, using the new middle format.
  • The page loading is much faster. We changed some technical stuff behind the small lists of new parties, new reports, new photos on startpage and right side. You have to click on the title to expand the lists (instead of the old [5] / [20] links).
  • On Goabase Icons is the list of all used icons.
  • Below every party on Your Partytimer are the sound styles of this party visible.
  • The icon is visible in the member infos if a member added website tipps on Websites around Goa-/Psytrance.