Goabase News

10 Nov 10 ·

New features around members and party infos

New feature of the members section, the submit form of a new party, list of parties etc. The details:
Every public partytimer offers "share buttons" to facebook, myspace and twitter now. Share your parties!

If you open the partytimer of a goabase member you see a list of his preferred parties. If you prefering the same parties you see a symbol SAME.

Open your friends list to see all your friends. There is a new link to get a list of all friends who prefering the same parties.

If a member nickname has been changed, the former nickname will be saved. Visible are the former names in the mouse-over of the nickname on top (not for old browsers like IE7, sorry)

New party submit: You can search the the Google Map link directly in the partyform itself, no new window. The map will be embedded with a click.

Partynames will no longer be corrected in upper or lower case on all pages. So partynames can't contain words with more than 21 letters anymore. By using uppercase, layout might be destroyed.

The header of the party details shows a check mark (✔) if you put the party into your partytimer.

"New", "New Loc" and "New Date" was eliminated from the former party list. Useless infos there.

Bugfix: If in memberprofile wasn't registered any country, the list of the registered partys was broken.

Bugfix: There was a bug at the meeting point options of the english version.