9 Jun '10 ·

New Features and Changes From the Last Weeks

Some new features here and there. The complete list:
  • The layout selection page got a box on the right side to check the width of the page in a better way

  • Click on the fullview flyer opens the party details of that flyer

  • New party search option: If you enter your hometown in your member profile you get a new link under the party search which opens all parties of your hometown.

  • Birthday of your friends (during the next 14 days) directly visible in your friends list

  • RSS-Feed of the partytimer got an entry text, the member name and formated line-up

  • Partytimer of other members shows the name of the member on top. Also the page navigation is available again.

  • The forum shows the categories with a radio button. Click opens the threads of that category instantly

  • Guestbook re-opened again, but member-only.

  • Optimized positioning of edit buttons, del-checkbox and the change date in meetingpoints and lifts

  • The party listing displays a "Y" if this party is on your personal partytimer and you are on the "who-comes" of that party

  • Every party detail page got a clickable date which opens all parties of that date in the same country