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15y 2m
Merry X-Mas ! A great year for the Goabase, much new additions that people use and like!! The Goa scene is alive and kicing !!

I wish all the Goabase team and all its lovely members a Happy X-Mas and Happy New Year !!
15y 2m
Thank you and the same as well,

Frohe Weihnachten & Merry Christmas and a good start into the new year to everybody who reads this comment.
15y 1m
To all pps out there who like the xmas spirit : Happy Xmas
And to all pps out there who don't like the xmas spirit : *sighs* believe me.. I'm with you, it's the worriest time of the year with a pack of lies, played emotions and so much comercial attacks that nobody can hide for it.
I'm glad that i'm a atheist and do not believe that christmas story.
I do not need a fixed day to show my love, i show it all days to all pps i love. And if i want to give a gift to a loveley person, i still give it.. and do not wait until xmas spirit says "now it's time to buy and give away the gifts"
holy crap ...

sorry to all who love xmas for that bothering words...
have a nice time and hopefully a happy new year
15y 1m
I dont celebrate the Christian xmas... But jul:

[wikipedia.org] - Check it out for a refreshing new view on something old...
15y 1m
Yeah the Jul (yul) is the right reason to celebrate these times.
Winter solstice , the reinkarnation from sun ;)
And the days will be longer from now on
And there is no need for all that comercials out there.

I allways celebrate the Jul .. an old germanic tradition
(for all dummies out there .. jul was not an idea from the Nazis, it's an very old germanic tradition, i believe it's much older as xmas )

German Wikki for Julfest : --> [wikipedia.org]
15y 1m
Yes all this is very old traditions...

I think more and more people like the old traditions like these, atleast feels very natural for me.

i think people get fed up with this you say: the fake present giving and fake smiles... But with a new (old) perspective we can come together and celebrate this with meaning. Im glad to hear you speak about it ૐ-Mascaren-ૐ !
15y 1m
pace - freedom - liebe
15y 1m
Merry X-Mas and a very happy BOOMing New Year to GoaBase and all the party people out there! Let yourself be heard even more next year!!

Love and Light !!!

Dj Celvin from Belgium
15y 1m
We are living in a commercial world (because we believe everything has to grow) and thats why Xmas is occupied by commercial ideas and memes. But this would also happen for Jul/Yul or whatever event.

But beside this: all traditional events like Jul or Xmas are just family/clan events where you (can) meet all your (close) friends and (patchwork-)relatives. You show them your bond of love and your affection even if you see them during this days only. And sometimes it's usefull to break this tradition for oneself to emancipate from the yearly obligations...

I wish you all good days like you wanna get them
15y 1m
fAtCaT dePousse

didn't know there was an extended version of the shoutbox ;-)

I don't celebrate christmas but do enjoy the festivities, so i wish u all a nice happy-daysoff X-D!!!
peace and love everybody :)
15y 1m
ॐ Psy-Mr. ॐ
15y 1m
wishing all fragglz a very merry x-mas :-))=
Happy X-Mas from us too! :o)
15y 1m
So then Mary July verse to
every singele one or two.
Winters depressions gonna be fading away , from
- now -
turn on ... make some noise! lets celebrate!