Languages newly linked, plus more

17 Nov '22 ·

Languages newly linked, plus more

The languages have been re-linked. Plus other changes.

For more than two years now, more than 250 events have frequently been online again - which in itself would be newsworthy. Thank you for your loyalty!

Development is not standing still for this either. In mid-October, the Spanish version was introduced (see Goabase News). The previous structure of using all languages under one address is just not very elegant.

Therefore, the Goabase links with languages have now been structured according to standard.

The German version can be found at "", the Spanish at "". "" is the English version, but it can also be accessed via "".

If, on the other hand, someone visits "" for the first time, the language of the browser is read. If it is German or Spanish, the page text appears accordingly. Only after further clicks will "/de" or "/es" be added.

The flags at the top right are the language switch - and if you play around with them a bit while watching the web address in the browser window, you will see the described effect.

The update (and the tests) were as extensive as this message now about it. Everything should work as usual. If this is different somewhere, please let us know: Contact (Thanks!)

Furthermore there were these changes / bugfixes:

  • The button "Country list" (start page and Upcoming Events) remembers across the pages whether it was open or not.
  • All selection boxes are now optimised for smartphones.
  • Same news of different languages are linked and callable. The ratings apply to all languages together.
  • Member: "New party photos" have been integrated again. Visible on the right (desktop), or at the bottom (smartphone).
  • Orga: If a party was edited in the large form, the preview flyer was too large.
  • Security: A Content Security Policy has been introduced. Details: Forum and Forum.