Goabase Party Finder 0.9.3

16 Jan 15 ·

Goabase Party Finder 0.9.3

The new version of Goabase Party Finder is available in all Google Play Stores, multilingual english/german and offers cities from eight countries.

Find every party on your smartphone

Using Goabase Party Finder you can locate any party in your area or in any town on your smartphone. You may also search for a party via event name or line-up search. To make it easy you find a list of around 200 cities.

New features for Android App Goabase Party Finder:

  1. Selectable German/English.
  2. More german cities.
  3. Cities from this countries:
    Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland.
    (More in next updates).

Goabase Party Finder is available on Google Play Store.

Android app Goabase Party Finder on Google Play

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