11 Dec '17 ·

Goabase faster

Content loaded later on, smartphone menu slimmer, further features.

The details are being loaded

Details are being loaded

If you hover your mouse or finger over the party or member name, further details such as picture, location, date, country etc. will appear. That's nothing new in itself.

What's new is that the contents are only loaded at this moment - they are no longer available prefilled. As a result, almost every page is significantly slimmer and can therefore be loaded more quickly. Sometimes it saves up to 70% of traffic and pages appear in less than a second.

Smartphone Menu slim

The fact that smartphones now have a significantly slimmer menu fits the same theme. The entire third level has been removed (exception: forum for members).

The reduction makes the entire Goabase easier to use and eliminates the need for double taps. If menu items are missing, they can be found at the top of the pages, at the bottom of the menu or on the sitemap.

Further changes

  • Parties and pages can now be shared on Reddit.
  • In the iCal format there is now the geo-location and a short info with line-up and location. With the iCal-Link from the Partytimer (or after the party search under "Share") you can enter the parties in your own calendar, incl. automatic update.
  • Font size and spacing can now be set on Layouts and Styles. Just click on the desired factor to see the result immediately.
  • For Members: On Subscribed Posts the content will now be reloaded, visible by the spin icon.