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16 Jan 23 ·

From today also in French

The technology is ready, so it was just a bit of hard work: Goabase now also in French!

Dear French and French-loving people,

there are over 35,000 words in the Goabase relating to page description, FAQ, mail texts, notes, menu and captions.

We live in the year 2023, the A.I. drives cars, produces pictures, essays or even programmes for us. It will certainly be able to handle the translation of our texts.

The API of DeepL is used, which is connected to the backend of Goabase. This allows new languages to be introduced and later individual corrections to be made to the languages in real time.

100% perfection is not to be expected, so the "Lancement" has already been exchanged for "Accueil". If you notice any other things, please let us know.

Otherwise, have fun discovering in French! (Click on the flag at the top right to open the languages)