20 Oct '09 ·

Fresh Features

Some topics from the todo-list are done during October. This is the summary:
We have two new layout styles: "office" and "menu top". The names itself describes it Be carefull with "menu top", it's not running for the eternal straggler Internet Explorer! The menu top layout is also [beta] and maybe you find some bugs...

The layout styles itself are growing more and more. That's why you find a new menu topic "goabase layouts" (on the left) which replaces the old style switcher.

Some other changes and updates: The feature "100 random party photos" is in the left menu now, called "random phtos". There is a hint below the party details if an organizer disables the meetingpoint, reports etc. The forum got two new navigation links for the first posting from the page and the last for the thread. The impress is a littlebit smaller. The profile infos are in a better order. The "new party" box shows [20] and [5] as link options. The start page got a three column layout for the party news. The "new flyer" box shows previews. The party details got a better "Submittet" line.

Some bugfixes: Only if a member is banned since 60 days the friend list will be deleted. A wrong profil ID (Wd4nZTSf2 instead of Wd4nZTSf2M) made a broken profile. Non-members saw a msg link at the members lists. The navigation in the forum worked wrong with searches and boards. The worldtimes are correct now with the daylight-saving time (thanks to the server).