9 Apr '15 ·

For those who didn't find...

all the Easter eggs yet...here they are:
  • The option "show more" for new parties, reports and pictures (right side of the homepage) has changed. The 15 parties that are listed are no longer hidden in the code, but will be loaded directly from the server just by a click. This saves loading time, which is very important for smartphone users.
  • The same technic is used for personal messages (pm). Here you can see all the messages you wrote to that member instantly by clicking "show more". The classic site navigation has disappeared - the next 40 messages will appear by clicking "show more".
  • The dynamic party search function (on top) will be continued by clicking "earlier parties".
  • The party search terms are highlighted as soon as you're searching for a party.
  • Youtube videos and Soundcloud tracks are now shown across the entire width, depending on device and monitor.
  • The geomaps feature for a party entry has been simplified.
  • In all member profiles the direct links to postings of the member in meeting points, reports, forum entries, etc. have returned.
  • The shoutbox is running stable now, got an input field that increases automatically and only shows permitted signs.
  • Inside the box a lot of engineering has happened, too. In addition to a lot of bug-fixes, some upgrades on HTML and JQuery were made. Google offers between 92 and 100 points for the desktop- and 79 points for the smartphone-quality of the GOABASE. YSlow (by Yahoo) gives us 97 out of 100 points.