12 Jun '09 ·

Chat and more

The chat page is back.
You find it below "People Talk" in the left main menuThe page contains the IRC-channel #temple and the Goabase shoutbox.

Some fine-tunings:
  • An old pixel error at the navigation tabs is fixed
  • [click here] uses mouse-over to display the target link
  • The size limit of party flyers is increased to 400 KB after upload and optimation process.

10y 11m #1 voni.on.tour

om nama shivaia!!

10y 11m #2 ¨‘°ºBetsyº°‘¨


10y 11m #3

I´m a Brazilian Dj, and I´m goig to hamburg in september. I need some friends to go to the parties in this region... someone?

please add msn: djpatrickextreme@hotmail.com
skype: sapoazul-1984

Greetings from Brazil.