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Gaggalacka e.V. | freaky gatherings for freaky people Parties · 19 Jul 16

Gaggalacka is a registered association, dedicating its efforts to promote art and culture. We support non-profit projects even outside our own terms of reference. Our aim is to inspire people, and we are looking for approaches to incorporate creativity and sustainability into every day life. We are trying this with means of non-commercial workshops and different initiatives that will culminate in…
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Gaggalacka Festival Social Network · 21 Mar 07

freaky festivals in East Germany on magical places and with really psychedelic music, phantastic visuals and openminded people...

free dance, free love, free smile... be free and come to Gaggalacka!!!

dj Merry:)´s MySpace Social Network · 21 Mar 07

PsyTrance DJ - kicking & twisted - a mix of dark & twillight morning sound - night&day - with BIG SMILE!!!

Partyorganizer (Gaggalacka,...) / Booker

playing for: MindFunk Records / Mind Expansion Music

.. playing on such parties and festivals in Israel, India (Goa), Hungary, Finland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and in whole Germany.

feel free & keep…