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RU1's musical adventure started back in 2003 in Portugal, when he heard psytrance for the first time at his school end of year party, with DJ Mixtec on the decks. It was love at first sound :) He was 13 years old. Artists such as Skazy, Infected Mushroom, Void, Eskimo, Fungus Funk, GMS, Rinkadink and many others were the igniters of a passion that has now lasted 15 years.

Residing in North Wales since 2006, RU1 has following the psy scenes progress closely, and after taking a few years off the party scene to concentrate on a career in Engineering, and raising a young family eventually the calling was too strong to ignore!

RU1 didn’t start his DJing mission until mid-2017, when he grew tired of the lack of decent sounds and nights happening in the North Wales area, so decided to take it upon him to start something special, for those who shared the same passion and were also tired of having to travel far to enjoy a decent stomp. He bought some vinyl decks, a mixer, a controller and a laptop and set off to learn how to mix, aided by a couple of local DJs (Deadnice and Alpha).
This was the birth of The D1srupt1on Ag3nts.
Since TDAs first party in 2017, which was a great success and very commemorated within the town, TDA now holds a number of events annually, all based around the Psy and Techno Sounds that were non-existent in the area previously.
Over the last couple of years, RU1 has played at a number of events such as Adventure Thru Inner Space (as Yakari - ProgPsy), BlackPearl Festival, and many underground parties in North Wales and beyond.
RU1 now holds a weekly show for Boomtic Records on Boomtic Radio, showcasing the more relaxed and chilled Sunday Night Deep Sounds, and has done live mixes for a number of entities such as The Psytrance Network on DiceRadio, NW Music Page and D1sruptS3ss1ons.
RU1 will be focusing on the future of The D1srupt1on Ag3nts, which is looking very bright, both as an organisation and as a social enterprise, raising funds for charities close to our heart that are doing amazing work in our town, whilst putting on the best of the best underground parties in North Wales.


Join our Psy and Techno social movement here, and make sure to keep an eye out for future parties!
Future Events
30.10.18 - RU1 on The Psytrance Network Live Mix –
31.12.18 - RU1 on FaeriePirates NYE 7 Days of Chaos Festival - Secret Location
02.03.19 - The D1srupt1on Agents present Dark Side of Town - Wrexham
27.04.19 - FaeriePirates Beltane Free Forest Gathering
23.08.19 - BlackPearl Festival 2019
All birthdays 05/24


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