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About sG4rY

"The real revolution is to transform yourself, not society. If you can succeed, then society will follow. The world is fucked up, corrupted by capitalist elites, but we cannot hope to win any war on the material plane. Finding the Truth is the only way."

Baba Rampuri

sG4rY is a sG4rY is an anthropologist, filmmaker, freelance-writer, general adventurist and Psytrance-DJ from Bavaria, currently residing in its beautiful capital Munich.

He represents the labels Sangoma Records as well as Purple Hexagon Records with his side project Brot3rys together with DJ Merry:)

His heavy itchy feet syndrom, his taste in a wide range of styles in Psychedelic Trance and the lust for encountering new like minded psychonauts has led him to perform at events such as Antaris Project (Germany) , Hilltop New Years Eve (Goa/India), Momento Demento Festival (Croatia), Kosmos Festival (Finland), Sonica Dance Festival (Italy), Universal Religion (Nepal), Trimurti Festival (Russia), Waldfrieden Wonderland Festival (Germany), Yaga Gathering (Lithuania) and countless other events around Austria, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, India, Italy, Lithuania, Malaysia, Nepal, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and the Netherlands.

Not being caught in one style or direction, he is constantly trying to discover and fuse different varieties of psychedelic music with the aim of overcoming musical boundaries that had been created in people's minds due to the musical fragmentation happening nowadays in the Psychedelic Trance Movement. Creating a journey sui generis for his listeners is his biggest aspiration. Psychedelic Trance has to be approached from different angles, using the many colourful vibrations it offers. Therefore, sG4rY likes to play sets as long as possible in order to draw from the different musical influences he gets from befriended artists, musicians and freaks around the globe. Nightly journeys that disscolve towards the first glimpses of the new day as well as sending the crowd into the night with a powerful kick off, or even sunny variations with non-cheesy hypnotic daytime trance are all part of his repertoire. He loves that special energy during sunrise and sunset on the dancefloor and tries to use it for involving the crowd into a flow of certain feelings and sensations, sometimes humorous, sometimes gloomy or filled with deep emotions. His numerous various artist releases over the years on different labels mirror this passion for muscial variety and expression.

sG4rY furthermore decided together with his Brother-from-anotha-Motha DJ Merry:) to launch a DJ-project called Brotherys. Since 2010, they play their mixture of of powerful, deep and groovy Night Stuff and lysergical Forest Sounds for dancefloors around the globe and have compiled both Brotherys Balderdash Compilations, released on Purple Hexagon Records. Next to his involvement in the two labels Sangoma Records and Purple Hexagon Records, sG4rY is also an active part of the Gaggalacka Festival, which celebrated its 15th anniversary in the late summer of 2016 and is gearing up for another edition in late summer of 2018.


VA - Brotherys Balderdash (Purple Hexagon Records) compiled by Merry & sG4rY

VA - Multi-Faith Mantra (Sangoma Records) compiled by sG4rY

VA - Brotherys Balderdash 2.0 (Purple Hexagon Records) compiled by Merry & sG4rY

VA - Purple Sangoma (Purple Hexagon Records) compiled by sG4rY & Merry

Stop Wars EP Series:

I - A new Dope (Sangoma Records)

II - The Empire hikes back (Sangoma Records)…ire-hikes-back

III - The retire of the Jedi

VA - GaggalacktiXVibes Trilogy (Sangoma Records, Purple Hexagon Records, Glitchy.Tonic.Records)

Stop Wars: A New Dope by Various Artists (Sangoma)

Some of the gigs I enjoyed most:

* Antaris Project (Germany, 2012 as Brotherys, 2015 vs Daksinamurti) *
* Beartrap presents Celestial Beings 2 (South Africa, 2011) *
* Belantara Gathering (Malaysia, 2013) *
* Frühlingszaubertraum (Berlin/Germany, 2011, 2015, as Brotherys) *
* Funny Moon Festival (Czech Republic, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015) *
* Fractalia Festival (Germany, 2012 as Brotherys, 2015, 2017)
* Gaggalacka Festival (Germany, 2009 – 2016) *
* Hai in den Mai Festival (Germany, 2017) *
* Hilltop New Year’s Eve (India/Goa, 2012/2013)
* Hybrid Rebirth Festival (Greece, 2010) *
* Kosmos Festival (Finland - 2015, as Brotherys) *
* Momento Demento Festival (Croatia - 2015 as Brotherys, 2016) *
* Pakawala Festival (Turkey, 2011, as Brotherys) *
* Psylloween (Germany, 2009 - 2013) *
* Solstice Festival (Netherlands, 2009) *
* Sonica Festival (Italy, 2017) *
* Elementra Festival (Switzerland, 2017) *
* Trimurti Festival (Russia, 2012) *
* Tswaing Crater Gathering (South Africa, 2011) *
* Universal Religion Festival (Nepal, 2013) *
* Wonderland Festival (Germany - 2015) *
* Yaga Gathering (Lithuania, 2012) *

feel free to contact me at...

msn: sg4ry(at)
Skype: racingsnail1
ICQ: 486890258

₪ Some music for you ₪ ♫

Promo Mix for Indali Sessions @ Radio Schizoid September 2013 by Sgary Gary on Mixcloud

Music is...

all pervading
mind altering
food for the soul
the reason for so much
always changing and still the same
a big prayer
maybe even more

... ॐ ...


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