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ૐ:)) ૐ ૐ:)) ૐ ૐ:)) ૐ ૐ:)) ૐ ૐ:)) ૐ ૐ :)) ૐ
Pascal Bourguignon,
ૐ :)) ૐ ૐ :)) ૐ ૐ :)) ૐ ૐ :)) ૐ ૐ :)) ૐ

40 years in age, is the brain
behind the
ૐ Boom -Nasha ૐ project.

His first active musical contact was at the end of the eighties: playing percussion in different Reggae bands got him hooked on sound, but it was not until the middle of the nineties he discovered Trance music while travelling the world.
This changed everything and Pascal soon started to spread the vibe he discovered by organizing Psy Trance parties in Switzerland. As organizing events wasnt fully his cup of tea, he started producing electronic music in 2001. The genre: Full On Psy Trance – a genre still marking his way. ૐ :)) ૐ ૐ :)) ૐ ૐ :)) ૐ ૐ :)) ૐ ૐ
Digging deeper into the matter resulted in a passion for Cubase , Synths and digital sounddesign.
Pascal decided to make his own original trippy psychedelic sounds
and the result were releases of
multiple tracks on Cosmogenesis Records ( UK. Fullmoon releases )
2011 comes new releases ( Twisted - Mysteries ) onFish`n Tripsrecordsbased in Australia.
Nowadays his inspiration comes from a large variety of different styles of music. He mostly writes melodic synth lines with a lot of effects, combined with powerful, pumping kick and basslines the Boom Nasha sound is best described.
ૐ:)) ૐ ૐ:)) ૐ ૐ:)) ૐ ૐ:)) ૐ ૐ:)) ૐ ૐ:)) ૐ



i..m very proud to present my second project ......!!!... REFRACT ...!!!...... visit on my space []


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