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About alpha

my activities:
-musician since over 40 years / educated piano-player + bass guitar

-dj since over 20 years / always psy, with a progressive phase until 12 years ago, after goatrance in the 90s, in parallel melodic + later non-melodic full on
nowadays dj-style: DarkPsy / Hightech, the mission is psychedelic :)

-since 18 years in the boom-team (portugal), stagemanager, as well several gigs as a dj + musician of star sounds orchestra & e-chip & -Z- (alpha & antagon), psy-O-chestra

-for 13 years in the vuuv-team (voov-experience/germany, r.i.p.), stagemanager, several gigs as dj alpha + musician of star sounds orchestra & e-chip, year 2007 alpha was the opening act

-for 6 years as a dj + musician at the sonnenklang festival (austria), r.i.p.

-for 10 years member of the ozora-festival (hungary), co-founder, a lot of gigs as dj alpha + musician of star sounds orchestra & e-chip

-since a lot of years djing worldwide as well with the live acts e-chip, star sounds orchestra, -Z- (alpha & antagon), mc coy´s s.u.n. project, psy-O-chestra (europe, southamerica, asia)

-live-act "e-chip" (r.i.p.), several releases / proggy trance to psy trance - all trax re-released digital - have a look on itunes + all relevant platforms

-live-act -Z- (alpha & antagon) - 3 albums, ep + several tracks on compilations. the 4th album is planned for 2017.

-live-act psy-O-chestra, started at the boom festival 2016, members: steve schroyder, ocelot, antagon, sanathana, holger teuber alpha

-radioshow ALPHA´S CRAZY SOUNDS via, jeden donnerstag 20:00-22:00cet, schickt gern eure musik, partytips, pix oder was immer ihr meint :-)
-radioshow ALPHA´S CRAZY SOUNDS via every thursday 20:00-22:00cet , send your sound, partytips, pix or whatever you like :-)

-radioshow "alpha´s crazy sounds - recap", every 4th saturday of the months, 12:00cet,

-artists agency "" (artists4artists) in hamburg

-organizer, e.g.. jalanda, euphoria, amazone, dark moons, dark moons - the female revolution, dark moons - devil´s rejects, dark vision, martyrium of the innocent (and many more as a coop)

-supporter of the legendary psycrowdelica (r.i.p.)

-studio in hamburg

festnetz/landline: +49+40-+
mobile: +49-160-84.369.41
snailmail: andré szigethy, clemens-schultz-str.94, d-20359 hamburg

alpha -

-Z- (alpha & antagon) -

psy-O-chestra -

skype: alpha37
whatsapp: +491608436941

vielen dank für EUER interesse - keep it psychedelic
thanx for your interest :)

alpha :)


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Tu, 28 May '02
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