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Aumnious is Diogo Fernandes DJ/Producer project. He had 7 years old when the first contact with music was made, violin was the choosen instrument .
The years passed and between the age of 12-16 he listened many styles of music. In the end of 15, he had is very first contact with trance music.
For him, that kind of music had something magic, attractive, charming. It was beautiful, technical and simple at the same time, different in its own way, motivating and breathtaking.
Then the trip had started. After 5 months he went to is first party....the happiness flowed trough is body, and the feeling he felt when he left the party was pure satisfaction. Since then, Trance was a part of him.
With the age of 18 he started djing and at 20 he moved to luxembourg, where trance didnt exist before. At that time he started exploring musical production and started planting the seeds of trance in luxembourg, wich started to grow at the year 2011 with the creation of outdoor free parties, club parties and the Psy Trance Revolution Luxembourg community.
Aumnious live project is characterized by twisted growling leads and energetic basslines :D


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