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family and friends; music; symbolism and pictorial symbols (love it!!); having had the opportunity to meet and build wonderful friendships; collecting fossils and minerals; my headphones;my cdj players, hibiscus flowers; flowers that bloom during the night; mining for fluorescent minerals (Nature's hidden rainbows);horses (wow - the sight of a jet black shire!); cooking (pretty good at it too :),great food, great wine ; waking up outside in a tent; autumn leaves; frozen snow on trees (quite magical); the smell of earth; laughing really hard with friends; being slap happy; ancient artifacts; my camera; listening to a really great conversation; I used to really love the ocean; traveling,...I've walked across a few borders, and I don't recall seeing any lines.
I Love to live, I Love to feel the pure power of nature! I always try to be a good friend, I believe that honesty always takes you higher.I try not to judge,I try to see that there are two sides of a story,We all live in different worlds .....don't we!...
My biggest dream is pure love in the dancefloor and usually this energy is so amazing that any sense can't tell that ... See ya there ;)


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