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Moving beyond the spirals of time We return to the source of love divine As we dance as one with the forces of creation The sleeping serpents will be awakened With these snakes of creation our souls will entwine To dance this ritual buried deep Within our collective mind Opening our hearts we surrender to the dance One tribe united We journey into trance In this temple of love we will dance as one One body One mind One heart Let the journey start

a mix of conscious people from around the globe gathered to share an elevated experience of culture, spirit and community in stunning raw nature! Join us in this magical place where time slows down and the outside world drops away... come dance, play, celebrate, love, learn, teach, co-create, co-inspire and transform our consciousness and our world. With the collaboration of myriad talented allies, both local and international, we aim to co-create an event inspired by and inspiring the positive collective consciousness of all who are involved for the betterment of ourselves and of the planet. By bringing people together through music, art and sacred movement in one of the most gorgeous natural settings on the planet we offer an opportunity to celebrate our spirits, heal our bodies and minds, and recharge and revitalize our souls to help us both handle the challenges and realize the opportunites of our rapidly changing world.

A true lover of music and the one who understands the vibration behind sound, can never fail to fall in love with psychedelic trance, at least once in his lifetime.”

"Psychedelic Trance music which used to be underground during the Hippie Movement of the Sixties is now coming to mainstream clubs and is now becoming an urban style statement. Hugely misunderstood, psychedelic trance is one unique genre of music that doesn’t imply fun and entertainment. Psychedelic parties held have an ideology, so does the psychedelic trance music. It is NOT just for fun and recreation and the ideology behind this music is the quest for mind exploration and a kind of spiritual journey into the unknown. At first, it is a journey that involves a certain degree of acceptance to go far way from the usual lifestyle, norms of thought-processes and social conditioning. One has to adept himself to explore different levels of himself away from his life’s cocoon into a quest for mind and self exploration.

Psychedelic trance music evolved in Goa and the main characteristic of this music is its repetitive beats. This exact principle of repetitive beats was used in the Shamanic rituals, using drums, so as to experience transcendental states of consciousness and to communicate with the other side of this world – the spirit world. One of the founders of psychedelic trance, Goa Gil describes the psychedelic trance party experience as “trance dance experience”. He also describes dance as active meditation in which you can go beyond thought, beyond mind and raise your consciousness beyond infinity. Goa Gil has been constantly focusing on using the party situation as a medium to uplift the consciousness of the participants through the trance dance experience.

The repetitive beats, the blasting basslines and the mystical tunes in a typical psychedelic trance track affect the human brain and its serotonin levels because it makes you feel good. But there’s more to the effects of psychedelic trance music. Dark psychedelic trance is not one of those genres of music that is meant to calm you down or make you feel good. In a typical psychedelic party that goes all night long, dark psychedelic trance is played in the later hours of the night. The concept behind this trend is the ancient tribal ritualistic tradition in Shamanism, in which one has to confront the Dark, in order to be lead into and shown the Light. The sunrise comes with a totally different energy altogether.

In an interview from, Goa Gil says,

“Since the beginning of time mankind has used music and dance to commune with the Spirit of Nature and the Spirit of the Universe…. We are using Trance music and the Trance Dance Experience to set off a chain reaction in consciousness…. This is what we call “Redefining the Ancient Tribal Ritual for the 21st Century”. When I come to the party and set up my alter, sprinkle the Holy Water, recite the Holy Mantra, and make the Offering to the Cosmic Spirit, and then start the music… The music and the whole party becomes an offering to the Cosmic Spirit… May Lord Shiva, Nataraj, Lord of the Dance come to this place and bless everyone. Then the dancers, the music, the dj, the Spirit, all become One.”

He also answers what a “good party” is like. He describes,

“When, after the Offering, everything starts to move in One Vibration, and it is as if a Cosmic Mind has come over the party and everyone becomes a part of It…. And everything becomes so perfect in the moment that you start to feel chills up your spinal column…. And it continues to be perfect in the moment…. And that feeling continues and intensifies until it feels like a cosmic orgasm!!! And then, in the best parties… Boom! It comes like a supersonic electrical current of Light that flashes through everyone simultaneously! That is when the Seed is planted! It is then up to those who have received it to nourish it and make it grow. In most, it will just disappear as they return to their normal life. But there are a few who will “get it”.

Psychedelic trance and its repetitive beats are meant to induce a state of trance in which we go beyond our own individuality. The “I” no longer makes sense in a good psychedelic party. The psychedelic music brings in the cosmic energy to the party and the purpose of a psychedelic party is to become One in the divine ecstasy of union with the cosmic spirit. Psychedelic trance music is a vehicle of transmission of Shakti (Cosmic Power and Grace) into the party scene, to raise the Kundalini of the participants of the trance dance event.

But there’s a bad side to it too. Often there are undesirable energies in a trance dance event. On this, Goa Gil says,

“Of course these things happen during the course of the whole night and day slowly, slowly. Sometimes it takes a long while to exorcise all the demons and get the people moving together in One Vibration. When it happens it is as if time and space have disappeared and there is only Being HERE and NOW…And it is as if my Heart is communicating directly with the Hearts of the Dancers. Each one individually, yet all at once.”

The effects of psychedelic trance play a major role in altering the state of consciousness into a deeper state, in a metaphysical way. The transcendental states that are induced by psychedelic trance music affect our feelings and emotions too. Feelings of bliss, ecstasy, oneness, euphoria, infinity and nothingness are often felt as the effects of psychedelic trance music on human mind.

So basically, a psychedelic trance party, is kind of a modern day shamanic ritual that is being held in order to communicate the values of spirituality and oneness in the language of today’s youth. The music is a tool for higher consciousness through which we can commune with the Spirit. Our spirit world reminds us of love, compassion, respect and peace and that is the very essence of psychedelic trance music. It is up to us to keep this Vibe high and protect its purity.

So all you psytrancers out there keep it going, but keep it Shanti. A big cosmic boom."

|| Om Tat Sat ||

- Psychedelic Junction


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